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Conclusions and Suggestions


We have conclusions with realization and suggestion regarding the research project as the result of more than two months.

◆ The Origin of the Two Cities

Zuoying and Fongshan were belonged to Fongshan County in Ching Dynasty. In the 15th year of the Yong Li reign period of the Ming Dynasty (1661), Cheng Chen Kung leads the troops to Taiwan and expels the Dutch, and then, their encampments were in Zuoying. At the moment, Taiwan is partitioned into 3 administration compartment that is “one city and two counties”- Taiwan Prefecture, Tianxing County and Wannian County whose the county seat is Zuoying where is the center of politics, strategies and economy. Till Ching Dynasty, Taiwan has changed “one city into three counties” - Taiwan Prefecture, Zhuluo County (Chiayi), Taiwan County (Tainan) and Fongshan County whose county seat still is Singlongjhuang in Zuoying.

The Ching Government considers that fortification is unnecessary until the Ju, Yi-Gue Event (60th year of the Kung Xi reign period, 1721), the first dirt wall is constructed. Furthermore, the Lin, Shuang-Wen Battle (15th year of the Chien Lung reign period, 1786) ruins the dirt wall. Therefore, in the 53th year of the Chien Lung reign period (1788), the Ching Court gives an order which move county seat of Fongshan County from Zuoying to Xiadopo Street in FongShan. Above-mentioned is the origin of  “Fongshan Old Castle”and “Zuoying New Castle.”

However, in the 10th year of the Chia Ching reign period (1805), the pirate Tsai Chien reduces Fongshan City that makes officials want to move back to Zuoying. Thus, Zuoying has been rebuilt drastically, and has a complete stone wall. There’s a whisper that County Magistrate died on the day of stone wall finishing, so no one dares to move back to Zuoying, and it makes Zuoying become decay. Nowadays, it is proved that whisper is a rumor.

◆ The status quo of the Two Cities

 “Old Fongshan Castle - Zuoying” had four city gates originally – East Gate, West Gate, South Gate and North Gate. Beacause of the urbon development, the West Gate had vanished. East Gate has a river of the protection city, so it is preserved more completely; North Gate has two Door Joss, and South Gate had built a gate tower what is credibility gap. The three gates are all third-class historic spots. “Fongshan New Castle” were separated the four gates into 6 sets, namely the Big East Gate, the Small East Gate (Tongyi) also called East Access Gate, West Gate (Jinghua), South Gate (Anghua) and North Gate (Pingsuo), and six cannon forts. There are East Access Gate, Pinchen Cannon Fort, Chenlang Cannon Fort and Xunfong Cannon Fort now, which are third-class historic spots.

◆The culture features of the Two Cities

There are three culture features. One is numerous temples, another is hundred historical residences, and the other is numerous historical sites.

The ancient sail crossed the sea, so they worshiped Gods of hometown for blessing. After living steadily, they built the temples. Extensive people entering Taiwan begin from DutchmanOccupation Era and Cheng Chen Kung Period, and till now it has been more than 300 years. Thus, there are a lot of historical residences due to the Two Cities’ venerability with many historical high spots. There are first-class historic spots of Zuoying included: the Fongshan Old Castle, Kung-Chen Well and Chen Fu Temple; third-class historical spots include : Chongsheng Shrine of Old Fengshan City and Cheng Huang Temple. There are also second-class historic spots of Fongshan include d: Lung Shan Temple; Third-class historic spots include : East Access Gate, Pinchen Cannon Fort, Chenlang Cannon Fort and Xunfong Cannon Fort now.

For tourism, there are scenic spots such as Lotus Pond, Spring and Autumn Pavilions, Dragon and Tiger Towers and five-mile pavilion in Zuoying, and its famous product are water caltrops. Fongshan has some traditional streets, like the Blacksmith Street, the Rice Street and Sweet Potato Street.


The first lesson we must learn is how to attach importance to cultural property. We find out that some of historical spots have been ruined because of city planning or drawing .If the Old Zuoying Settlements may plan to “Old Settlements and Streets of Ching Dynasty Protecting Area,” that is a cultural protection as well as living environment elevation, which kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.


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