Pre-historical Era
The Lord of Plain
Dutch Occupation
Ming-Zheng Dynasty
Chin Dynasty
Events of Rebelling Against Chin Dynasty
The Decay of Old Castle
The Rise of New Castle

The Zuoying Old Castle in Fongshan County was badly damaged in 1786 because of Lin, Suang-Wen event.  Officers and people supposed the old castle was surrounded by mountains in 3 directions. The situations of enemy outside the castle could be clearly seen.  It used to be the blistering business center (Fongshan County History authored by magistrate Li, Pei-Shiu).  According to the opinions from most people, the county hall was moved from Xinglong Village to Xiadopo Street at Dazhu District (Currently Sna-Ming Road in Fongshan County). 

The Fongshan New Castle was established in 1788 and it was firstly designed with 3 rounds of thorny bamboo fences. It was called the new castle with the title different from the old castle. In April 1895, pirates under Chai Chian's leadership attacked Dansuei.  In November, they entered Luermen with the collaboration from Wu, Huai-Si, and the mountain bandits. 

In 1807, the history registered the event for the county hall moved back to the old castle. In 1824, Fukien inspecting officer, Sun, Er-Jun, inspected the Xinglong Village and suggested the Qing government to renovate the Fongshan old castle. In 1825, the engineering was started with the Mount Snake excluded but Mount Gue totally included. The castle was 4m in height and 5m in width. The castle perimeter was 413m or so. The castle was still designed with 4 gates with towers on castle top 13m in height. The East, West, South and North Gates were separately titled as Fongyi, Deghai, Chiwen and Gongchen. The castle wall was made of reef stones along the Mount Gue and it was the first stone castle in Taiwan. In 1826, after the construction for the old castle was finished, a saying ran that the county magistrate Du, Sou-Chi was dead suddenly and it seemed to be an ill omen. The subsequent county magistrates dared not to move back to the old castle. Thus, the old castle was ruined gradually.  


Based on the subsequent research, Du, Sou-Chi still occurred on his home town and it seemed this was only a rumor.


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