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Ju, Yi-Gue Event

Ju, Yi-Gue came from Zhangzhou Changtai in Fukien. He was originally named Ju Zu.  Because Ju, Yi-Gue had the same family name as the Ming Dynasty emperor, everyone called him the reanimation general.  He also took advantage of this title to recruit more people for resistance against the Qing Dynasty.

A saying ran that Ju, Yi-Gue used to be a subordinate general of Zheng, Cheng-Gong. After the ruination of Ming Dynasty, he withdrew from people and lived in Rohanmen.  He made his living by raising ducks; therefore, he was called duck king.   

In 1722, the concurrent Taiwan magistrate Wang Zhen implemented some decrees receiving ceaseless complaints.  Ju, Yi-Gue driven by intoleration, cooperated with his good friend Huang Deng for planning resistance against Qing governance. They started their residence in Rohanmen, attacked Beitou (Fongshan County Hall) and occupied Tainan City.  The magistrate Wang Zhen escaped to Penghu. Ju, Yi-Gue established his own dynasty titled Yongher to express his patriotic ambition for resistance against Qing Dynasty and restoration for Ming Dynasty.   

It was a pity that because of internal staff riots, the Qing government sent soldiers to quell the resistance disturbance held by Ju, Yi-Gue. Originally, before the Ju, Yi-Gue event, the Qing government never supposed it was required to construct castles for defense (The castles were constructed to protect from enemy's attack such as the Great Wall.).  However, after the occurrence of Ju, Yi-Gue event, the Qing governance started to find the necessity to construct castles for protection. The first Zuoying Castle in Taiwan was constructed in the Xinglong Village. 

Lin, Suang-Wen Battle

The first castle in Taiwan, the Fongshan County castle, was constructed in the period of Ju, Yi-Gue event but destroyed in the period of Lin, Suang-Wen Battle.   In 1723, Lin accompanied with his father to come to Taiwan and to live in the Dalidai Village on Zhanghua. They made a living by farming and leading a well-off life.  

In the middle period of Chianglong governance, the politic administration was corrupted with venal officials everywhere. In 1783, Lin, Suang-Wen joined the Heaven and Earth Society.  In 1786, the Chianglong emperor ordered to dismiss all organizations of Heaven and Earth Society and captured members.  He took this opportunity to kill innocent victims at will. Lin, Suang-Wen led his followers to fight against venal officials and protect people's living.

    On 27th, October, Lin, Suang-Wen started the night raid to Daduen.  The military soldiers were totally defeated and he continued to attack Zhanghua.  On 29th, he killed the magistrate Sun, Jing-Sue and his crews.  In December, people and followers supported Lin as the alliance leader with his kingdom titled as Suentian and resided on Zhanghua County. 

The message of Lin's uprising was heard in Fongshan and this uprising was echoed by the Heaven and Earth Society which was led by Zhuang, Da-Tian. Zhuang came from Pingher Zhangzhou. In 1742, he accompanied with his father to arrive in Taiwan with their residence on Zulo. They made a living by farming. In January, 1787, Zhuang, Da-Tian led the uprising soldiers to attack Fongshan County castle. The county magistrate Tang, Da-Sen was killed. Uprising soldiers were separated into the northern and southern groups to attack Taiwan City castle. There were totally 100 thousand soldiers’ supports for this uprising. It was the largest and widest farmer uprising historically.

On 24th, January in 1788, the Qing governance sent the Gangxu-Sangxi governor as the quelling general in Taiwan. He led 9 thousand soldiers for fighting and Lin was caught. After fierce torture, he was killed when aging only 32 in early March 1788.  In addition, Zhuang, Da-Tian retreated to Langchao and he was badly wounded and caught. Finally, he was sentenced to death right on the place where he was caught. 



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