Pre-historical Era
The Lord of Plain
Dutch Occupation
Ming-Zheng Dynasty
Chin Dynasty
Events of Rebelling Against Chin Dynasty
The Decay of Old Castle
The Rise of New Castle

After Ming Zheng's ruination, in the next year 1684, the Qing Dynasty formally integrated Taiwan as its territories under the governance of Fukien. The whole Taiwan was regulated with a city and 3 counties for governance. The so-called city was exactly the Taiwan City (currently Tainan City). The title of original Tianxing State was changed into Zulo County with the first county hall located at Jialixing but moved to Zulosan later. The title of original Wannian State was changed into Taiwan County and Fongshan County. Taiwan County Hall was located at the castle outline and Fongshan County Hall was located in the Beizitou old township nearby Zinglong Village (Fongshan was named after this name of the mountain with its administrative governance name changed into Fongshan.). 

The administration of Fongshan County was established during the earlier period of Xinglong Village. There were staffed with a county magistrate, a history officer and an education director. The first county magistrate was Yang, Fang-Seng. Although Zuoying was an important military stronghold during the Ming Zheng period, yet there was no castle established. After the entry of Qing soldiers, they supposed it was not required for castle construction but only an earth fort constructed. Till 1721, due to Ju, Yi-Gue event, the county magistrate Liu, Kuang-Si and southern military general Chen, Jong-Lung started to use originally established earth fort for construction foundation. The earth fort of Fongshan County was constructed in Xinglong Village. There were Bangpinshan Mount and Gue Mount surrounded outside. The castle perimeter was 246m in length and 4.3m in height. There were eastern, western, northern and southern gates. The left side was close to Gue Mount and the right side was linked to Se Mount. Outside the castle was established with a moat trench for defense. The construction of Zuoying Old Castle was exactly the very beginning of castle construction in Taiwan. In 1734, 3 rounds of thorny bamboo were planted outside the county castle for defense reinforcement. In 1760, there were 4 cannons set on the castle gate.   

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