• Wenshan District Office
• Department of Economic   Development, Taipei City Government
• North Region Water Resources Office, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
• Taipei Environment Ecology Site, Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government for information
• Taiwan Environmental Information   Association
• Information for Leisure Activities of Children   & Teenagers— Xianji Rock: Fern Paradise in   Urban Jungles
• Database of Native Plants in Taiwan
• Old, Old Trees
• Botanic Garden, National Museum
• Community Planning Information Network,   Department of Urban Development, Taipei   City Government
• Taiwan Environmental Protection Union
• Herbarium, Research Center for Biodiversity,   Academia Sinica, Taipei (HAST)
• Green Party Taiwan
• Taiwan Nature Trail Society
• Homemaker's Union and Foundation
• Butterfly Conservation Society of Taiwan

1• Wind---Flows of Air that Transform Land , Life & History
     (Commonwealth Magazine)
2• Breathing in Forests of Taipei
     (The Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government)
3• Story of Wenshan District
     (Department of Information, Taipei City Government)
4• Natural Outdoor Classrooms in Taipei
     (Department of Information, Taipei City Government)
5• The Cartoon Guide to the Environment
     (Book Zone)
6• Leaves- Their Life Journeys
     (Business Weekly Publications)
7• Guides to Natural Environments in Taipei
     (Department of Information, Taipei City Government)
8• Comprehensive Guide to Travel in Northern Taiwan
     (Morning Star Publishing)
9• I Want to Know Plants in the Wild
     ( Holiday Publishing)
10• I Want to Observe Strange Plants
      ( Holiday Publishing)
11• Moving Ahead, 319 Villages and Towns
      (Business Weekly Publications)
12• Water¡XHistory, Wars and Future of Water Resources
      (Business Weekly Publications)
13• Natural Trails in Taiwan
      (Sino Cultural Enterprise Ltd. Co.)
14• Green Buildings
      (Third Nature Publishing Co. Ltd)
15• Plants Cartoons¡X A Two Hundred Million Years Old Evergreen Tree
      ( Newton Publishing)
16• Fundamentals of Fern
      (Book on Fern)
17• Fern
      (Book on Fern)
18• Forest Rhapsody
      (Greenland International Books Co. Ltd)
19• dventures in the Mountains
      (Greenland International Books Co. Ltd.)
20• World Cultures & Lands
      (Suncolor Culture Publishing Co.,Ltd)

21• Watch Out, I am Poisonous
      ( Newton Kids Publishing)

22• Astronomy Classroom
      ( Newton Kids Publishing)