As the old saying goes, ˇ§teamwork is power.ˇ¨ Our research project is completed for each memberˇ¦s cooperation and the people who devoted themselves silently. ˇ§ The Dakeng Tour Guidesˇ¨ are grateful for their help. Thanks to all of you!

The presenter of  Uncle Guo's Wild Macaque

Uncle Siannan Guo

Thank Uncle Guo's careful plan for leading us to visit Wild Macaque  Park so that we could see the cute ecology of Macaques. We also saw the  monkeys eating oranges, abseiling and swinging. In addition, thanks again  for Uncle Guo's introduction to Formosan macaque, so we knew we had  better not point to them, lest them bite us and we understood the  importance of protecting animals.

Leader of Taichung City Fruit Marketing Team No.1

Uncle Mingjia Gu

Thank Uncle Gu for leading us to visit Dakeng's ecology, especially  Cuscutae and Mikania micrantha. As they would cover the whole plant to  keep it from photosynthesizing and produce the catastrophe to plants.  Uncle Gu let us pick fruits by ourselves and taught us the correct to  pick tangerines. We recall that the tangerine we picked was the sweetest!

Leader of Taichung City Fruit Marketing Team No.3

Uncle A-sen Luo

Thank Uncle Luo for leading us to visit the orchid garden. Let us  see several kinds of orchids and let us figure out the levels of the orchid and the working process of the orchid.In the marketing team we reciated many special orchids developed by farmers themselves, especially the orchid which is  like slippers.

Vice leader of Taichung City Fruit Marketing Team No.3

Mr. Dingsin Chen

Thank vice leader for showing his orchid  garden to us. He let us understand the process of planting the orchid. We  were very surprised that the straw could help the orchid straight up. We  also saw the rails for saving the human resources amd the automatic  facilities for watering flowers. All of these came from Taiwanese  peasants' intelligence to improve the skills of farming and create  economic miracle for Taiwan.

Committee member  of Taichung City's Dakeng Cultural Association

Aunt Siujhen Guo

Thank Aunt Guo for leading us to understand the beautiful humanity  of Dakeng more and for sending us the brochure of ˇ§ Tour  guide to Walking Trail No.5 of Dakengˇ¨ and the brochure of ˇ§ Guide to the  culture of Dakeng.ˇ¨  As the residents' devoted love to the hometown, the humanity of  Dakeng is still preserved. Hopefully more and more people can understand  the culture.

Vice principal of Yu-Jen Elementary School of Taichung City

Mr.Jhengyou Lin

Thank our vice principal for his support and encouragement. He also helped us take many precious pictures and be interview by us on behalf of being th local of Dakeng. He told his many personal experinces of hiking in Takeng and encouraged us to do exercise more for training our feet by the chance of the close distance from Dakeng.

Teacher of Yu-Jen Elementary School

Teacher Jhihcyuan Wang

Thank Chinese Teacher Jhihcyuan Wang spent his time naming our research project and wiring our project description and local description. We knew Dakeng is in Mt.Touke until he wrote the description. In addition, we often consulted Chinese and relevant local information with him. Thank him again for solving many difficulties.

Graduated schoolmate of Yu-Jen Elementary School

Jhihwei Chen

Thank the graduated schoolmate of Yu-Jen Elementary School, Jhihwei Chen, for making the background music of our homepage. He often came back to Yu-Jen and concerned our research progress.  Thank him for helping our research project more interesting.

Thanks again for those people who helped us.


During the process of the research project,  many people helped us provide the relevant information for us. We felt  touched! Without these people's help, we couldn't complete the whole  research project perfectly. Here, we wanted to say that this research  project is impossibly completed without your help! Therefore, Dakeng Tour Guides indeed  appreciate your help.

Thank our principal, vice principal, directors and teachers provided some executive assistance and cheered us up. It is really helpful for our research project. Especially, thank the school driver took us to go to the destinations for researching and let us go out happily and return safely. Thank everyone was devoted himself quietly. As for your help, we can have so wonderful research project. Thank you very much.

Written by Ya Chu, Hu