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Sanduo Shopping District, where stands in Taiwan Kaohsiung, is the most perfect district of the functionality in Kaohsiung today. The setting-up of the SSD was produced together because of trade company and enterprise ' gather the economic effect ', in addition, the government expands the scale of SSD and designs the pluralistic communal facilities, and then become Kaohsiung Sanduo Shopping District.

In the past, SSD only has a few trade companies managed, turn into a way of the plural trade activities today. In recent years, SSD especially work in the culture, environment, traffic and business activity, and bring up convenient transportation for SSD at the same time. Make SSD the image of the internationalization, build diversified life.

In the era that the city of Kaohsiung makes the transition, Sanduo Shopping District becomes one of the indexes that the city of Kaohsiung makes the transition at the same time. The government cooperates with public to plan and construct SSD actively. Most successful case lie in harbor plan. It is that government and the public design and build up together. And surrounding area environment while being common at the same time, improve the image in the marine city of Kaohsiung besides driving SSD development on the marine port image of district at the same time .

Convenient trade district, Commercial trade district of the internationalization, Diversified trade district, are the element of leading Kaohsiung to advance , lead Kaohsiung to become the beautiful cities , marine capitals of internationalization.

            This is Sanduo Shopping District -A district of dream and future.