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Beginning Interview Arrangement Discover Sentiment


The team was made up of Computer Science and Information Technology Research Club (C.S.I.T) members, FengShan high school students. In the beginning, more than 20 students who were eager to try participated in the team. Then, the team was divided into A and B two groups because too many people wanted to join the campaign. We are team A. After the team members were confirmed, we started to discuss the name of the team and the subject of our research. Through fervent discussion, we decided to name our team “Misty rain in Kaohsiung” and the subject of our research is “Sanduo Shopping District”. After reaching an agreement on the subject, we separated the team into several groups to make our website.



In order to work more efficiently and raise the quality of our website, we were divided into the wire table, the picture, the writer and the image group. The forming of these groups is made according to each team member’s skills. Few days later, due to laborious works and some other personal factors, some team members left the team, and only ten members stayed. After holding a meeting, we decided to work together instead of separating into different groups. We also decided to recruit new team members to strengthen the manpower and speed up the process.


Final stage

With recommendation from teachers, we recruited five new team members. Each of these new team members come from different clubs in the school. Thus, we reorganized the group. Everyone was assigned different work and sped up the pace working on our website. Finally, our team was confirmed and formed.