Instruction Batting

Practing in the field of the school .

【01.】Gripping the mallet: Have your right palm and left arm facing the aim, and have your left finger 
over the last three fingers of the right hand.


【02.】Stance: First of all, place the ball on the horizional of the tiptoe, forming a right angle with the moving direction of the ball.  Then, stand with both feet slightly apart, less wider than the width of the shoulders, and bend both knees slightly, with the upper body spontaneously bent forward.  While aiming at the ball, the neck should be naturally bent downwards.

【03.】Aiming at the ball: Observe the terrain from the front of the ball and from the back of the goal.  When aiming at the ball, put the goal, ball, and shaft of mallet on a straight line.



【 Accurate Aiming 】

【 Upper Swing 】

【 Backward Swing 】

【 Upper Mallet Acme 】

【 Striking 】

【 Mallet Colleting 】