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Energy Conservation Newspaper Clipping Project

Everyone used their creativity to design,

And worked hard to collect information and summarize main points,

Think up topics, design the layout,

Write up thoughts, do the artwork,

And produce an exciting project.

This is real KUNG-FU!


Energy Conservation Clipping Project Responses

Wendy: Under the supervision of Miss. Yeh, we worked on our posters. We started from arranging information, to clipping, to summarizing, to designing, to writing main points and responses. Our projects all have their own styles, and are about good ways to save Earth. I hope that after everyone sees our projects, they will all work together for the Earth.

Ruby: Everyone worked hard, from collecting information to making posters, everyone spent a lot of time. Hopefully, after this project, everyone will understand the importance of environmental protection. After everyone sees our projects, they will work together for Earth, and for its recovery.

Cindy: After this project, I learned more about reducing carbon dioxide. This way, the Earth won't be sick anymore. This project can also tell everyone how to do environmental protection. Wow! Two results from one project! Let's protect the Earth!

Ken: After collecting information for a long time, and spending a lot of time on designing, the purpose of everyone's projects is just to provide an interesting content for the viewing pleasure of everyone else. I hope that everyone can learn the information on conserving energy, to save on power.

Jacky: Yah! Everyone spent a lot of time and bore with a lot of pain to complete their projects. Some people are already experts at making projects! Anyways, everyone should work their hardest for Earth, and give it back a clean face, as a present.

Tom: We used a heart full of care for the Earth to do this project. For Earth, we worked really hard, and I hope that our efforts can really spread the news, and let everyone conserve energy and protect the environment!

Jack: It really did take a lot of thought to finish this project. Everyone worked for a long time. From a month ago we had to collect information, state a topic, and then start on the project. All of it took a lot of time.

Sandy: Every project is the effort of everyone, and are interesting. The designs are creative, and all the projects are unique. Though it was tough, it was worth it.

Sam: Today's results were all under the instruction of Ms. Yeh. It's all for the sake of Earth, and we hope that through our projects everyone will recognize the importance of Earth, so we can all "Reduce a ton, and give me back a cool Earth"!

Coco: Protecting the Earth is everyone's job! That's why Ms. Yeh instructed us to do this poster, because we are all people of Earth! Though I can't drive yet, besides starting from myself, I can offer other people ways to protect Earth.

Ben: This project took everyone a lot of time and effort, but it seems that all that effort is worthwhile! Every project is interesting and complete. Hopefully, these projects will teach everyone something about saving the Earth!

Tim: After many days of work, finally, results! Watching everyone work carefully and devotedly to complete a great project really means something! Most importantly, LOVE EARTH!

Mary: This is everyone's hard work! All the little things that happened during this project will remain in our hearts! I hope everyone will understand our hopes, and help Earth together!

Amy: Everyone worked hard to finish their projects. After seeing everyone's careful work, I'm sure all of it is pretty. Mainly we hope that everyone won't destroy the Earth, and allow it to become our beautiful home.

Amada: Though I spent a lot of effort on my project, after all the hard work, I still didn't get a good grade. Some people really did expert jobs, while some others didn't do so well, but most importantly, everyone needs to love Earth!

Energy Conservation Newspaper Clipping Project, Student Projects-

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