Taiwan Disability-free Association



Cihui Award



“Create disability-free environment by power of love and wisdom”

On August 28, 1995, Mr. Jun-fu Lin, together with a couple of friends caring about the disabled, established Taiwan Disability-free Association aimed at creating the disability-free living space. It is the first organization with “disability-free” as the activity goal in Taiwan. The so-called “disability-free” society building includes how to establish the disability-free environment and mentality to help the disable become self-reliant and the normal people understand the situation of the physically/mentally disabled.

“Rules and Regulations” and “Promotion” as two core activities

In the spirit of love, we have collected the love of the society to create many instructive and creative diversified activities including the physically/mentally disabled broadcasting class, handcraft class, computer science class, marathon, employment fair, seminar, the disabled show, the show of arts of the physically/mentally disabled and the disability-free facilities inspection. And we jointly held the Asia Pacific Wataboshi Music Festival and the Online Conference on the Welfare of the Asia-Pacific Physically/Mentally Disabled with 13 countries in the Asia Pacific area in 2000. We expect the physically/mentally disabled can get knowledge and enjoy their wonderful lives at the same time.




Director—Jun-fu Lin

We actively take part in international exchanges to learn social welfare practices in countries. In addition to promoting Taiwanese physically/mentally disabled on the international stage, we expect more the world community to learn about the physically/mentally disabled in Taiwan through the association.
Known for the ceaseless effort, incessant creativities and everlasting love, Taiwan Disability-free Association, a big family full of enthusiasm, is worth joining, cultivating and sharing for people with lofty ideals.

To create “a disability-free Elysian place for all the people in Taiwan” is our goal as well as the mission of all the staff of the association. We do our level’s best!TOP