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Child’s Disability

Corpus callosum hypogenisis syndrome(extremely severe)


Sweet lemon philosophy

God gives each pair of parents lovely children. Some children are like apples; some are like peaches while Mei-yuan Lin says her daughter is like a sweet lemon. This is Mei-yuan’s “Sweet lemon philosophy”, feeling sour yet sweet, being optimistic and strong.


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Living room

Mei-yuan has a mentally retarded daughter by birth. She moved from Taipei to Yungkang, then from Yungkang to Shipai, to Sanchi, to Luchou and finally settled down in Hualien a place of beautiful waters and mountains as she refused to give up chances of curing her daughter. The vagabond style search for cure can be deemed as the modern version “Mother of Mencius changing residence three times for the sake of her son’s education”. For the same reason of Shu-an’s congenital disability, Mei-yuan came into the area of special education. She did home care for her daughter when learning how to take care of her. And she actively participated the promotion and championing of the early intervention program of mentally retarded children across Taiwan, which not only helped her develop her professionalism but also she made lecture tours to Mainland China, Japan and even prisons in Taiwan to share knowledge’s about the related topics. She introduced her child into the intelligence development school aimed at getting the child along with others although the learning effects are not so satisfactory. At present, Mei-yuan is a full time professional woman, sending Shu-an to Bethesda Nursing Institute and getting her back in the evening. Such a vet-like child once judged by doctors, looking up at ceiling each day, can now sit on a wheelchair with normal emotional reactions. All of these are made possible with Mei-yuan’s confidence and her fate-defiant personality, which changed the situation.TOP


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Meal time

A brave, optimistic, and great mother – Mei-yuan Lin. She is one of the 2006 Ten Mothers with Loving Hearts. She has two daughters, the older one is healthy, and the younger one, Shu-an Yang, has a rare disease, called Callosum hypoplasia. This disease disables Shu-an from speaking regularly, and she has to rely on her mother for all details in life. Whenever she feels ill, she would scream. Mei-yuan once woke up 12 times in one night.

After 20 years, Mei-yuan is now able to wake up whenever it is time or when she hears the noise, and fall asleep right after she takes care of things. Taking care of such child over 6000 days requires tremendous courage. Mei-yuan not only has such courage, but also shares it with families with disabled children, so that those parents and children could enter the society.TOP

Slow-flying Angel

Shu-an Yang, aged at 19, is a child suffering severely from mental and physical disabilities. She was diagnosed suffering from “Corpus callosum hypogenesis ” at an falling sickness attack when she was only 5-month old. The disease is about brain never development causing complications such as language and intelligence handicaps, falling sickness and cerebral palsy.

Shu-an cannot speak and can take care of her routines neither. Someone pointed out the disease resulted from her karma. However, Mei-yuan can never accept this idea, as she believes the most important thing is to face the problem frankly. She felt disappointed for a while about this and could not walk out of trouble, refusing to accept the kindness of others. 17 years ago, she was finally relieved in a talk with a Buddhism master. The master told her it is a good thing that her child cannot speak. Thus, she can never create oral evil! As she cannot walk, she can never do anything evil!TOP


Book of “Slow-flying Angel”


Book of “Slow-flying Angel”

Shu-an can now keep basic reactions and simple body movements, mostly thanks to her mom’s perseverance and persistence in recuperation. The long way of getting her daughter better turns at an important corner when Shu-an was 2 and half year old in 1990. One day, her mom applied for an early intervention pilot project by Syin-Lu Welfare Foundation, the first parents association in Taiwan, when she watched TV. In time of accompanying Shu-an, Mei-yuan always kept encouraging other families not to give up. Her encouragement sent off an eagerness uniquely possessed by mom with strong impressionable and inspirational force. Hence, Mei-yuan was selected and hired as a daytime care center nurse by a special education institute.In 1996, Doctor Huang-chung Guo from Tzu Chi Hospital and Mei-yuan et al co-founded Chinese Association of Early Intervention Program for Children with Development Delays. Mei-yuan took the office of the secretary general of the association, which is an organization integrating professionals in promoting the developing early intervention in Taiwan by labor division. In 2006, she published a book of 19 years of struggle together with Shu-an and her spiritual understandings. It took Mei-yuan almost 20 years to learn to be a mom of a special child. It never occurs to Mei-yuan that others can now share her deep understanding with such a great force.

Mei-yuan and Shu-an start each day at 5 every morning. The breakfast recipe posted onto the refrigerator is designed specially for Shu-an, striking a balance between high nutrient content and high fiber content. After getting up Shu-an, Mei-yuan watches the English teaching program on TV at 6 sharply. She started to study phonetics at 40 and learn to speak English over 40 only to not let down foreign lecturers she has to receive. After getting preparation of Shu-an, Mei-yuan immediately gets busy with the job of the early intervention association. As being a parent and an official in the implementation sector of the association, she has more understanding and more efforts put in than others.

In 1998, the 40 year-old Mei-yuan came back to Social Work Department of Tzu Chi University for study. , Jia-jie Cheng and Wei-en Peng received a lot help from Mei-yuan. For a whole day’s visit, Mei-yuan has always worn smile on her face without a trace of tiredness. Mei-yuan says it is a kind of happiness to work busily a whole day. Happiness derives from practice and leisure comes from doing goodness. Mei-yuan is now marching ahead toward the ambit of getting both fortune and wisdom. Remember, she is also the author of the best seller "Slow-flying Angel".

Everything comes from your heart. When you change your mind, everything changes, regardless of luck, fortune or your emotions. Your child will be better only if you are happy. Having the positive attitude toward happiness, Mei-yuan goes further to promote this concept of love to each corner and each family in the society. Children will never feel lonely once everybody has such love and positive attitude. Therefore, Mei-yuan is the typical person who transforms small love into bigger one. Her motto of “happy and willingness” makes it possible for her to instill a lot of hearts and enthusiasm in social welfare, especially early intervention of disabled children. We expect the story of Mei-yuan to encourage all the slow-flying angles and their families watching TV!TOP