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--- Case Study Planning ---
Project Narrative
Project Overview
Project Elements
Contribution Chart
Source of Research Data
Contribution Chart

Contribution Chart


List of Work Items


Ten members, including fifth and sixth graders from Kuljaljau Elementary School

1. Collection of relevant data
2. Interview with residents selected and included in this project
3. Development of interview outlines and questions
4. Processing of videotape and photographs from interview
5. Interview videotaping and photographing
6. Post-interview record-keeping and -organizing
7. Development of Internet website (photograph-editing)
8. Completion of written reports for project implementation
9. Performance of tribal dances and songs
10. Recording of background music for Internet website

60 %

Chun-fu Tian (Director),
Teacher Su-chu Chou,
Teacher Hui-ling Su,
Teacher Fang-feng Gao

1. Development of project title and work plans
2. Convening of project group meetings
3. Analysis and extrapolation of research data
4. Consultation for application of computer techniques
5. Consultation and inspection of Internet webpage dedicated to this  project
6. Development of Internet website
7. Guidance for use of electronic devices
8. Arrangement for field visits and interviews


Chief Ms. Jin-Ying Luo
Priest Mr. Camak Parigure

1. Receiving interview
2. Receiving interview
3. Receiving interview

10 %

Five members, from Department of Management Information Systems, National Pingtung University

1. Consultation for conducting special-topic research and applying computer technology
2. Development of Internet website
3. Assistance in field interview (15%)
4. Assistance in weekly activity planning

15 %











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