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Ancient fable

Stories of Paiwan tribal clay pots

....Story 1: A family in Pinghe Village wanted to set up their own village and left without given a clay pot as a gift from the chief, and the family members died one after another. In the end, the last member of the family rejoined the tribe.
Interpretation: Clay pots are a vital part of Paiwan tribal life. Clay pots not only help their people settle down in new places, but most importantly, also protect the family.
....Story 2: Taiwu Village was a powerful village, and their chiefs had a large collection of clay pots from other Paiwan tribal villages. The daughter of a chief got married and took two very good clay pots with her and lived in Taimali in Taitung, their offspring is still thriving today.
Interpretation: the story demonstrates the value and meaning of clay pots in the Paiwan tribal society.
....Story 3: Our village used to be weak and small because we did not have a good clay pot. Our village gradually grew stronger and powerful after the daughter of a chief in Padain Village married into our village and brought with her the best clay pot with a snake figure on it.
Interpretation: With a good clay pot, a village will grow and become powerful.
....Story 4: Once our village was powerful, but the clay pots at the chief’s home shattered one after another, and the population gradually decreased. One day the last clay pot cracked, every one was panicking. But this clay pot did not shatter into small pieces; it was broken into two halves neatly. Our village gradually grew and thrived, so people treasure the two halves clay pot even more.
Interpretation: Clay pots are indication of prosperity or the decline of a village. A Paiwan tribal village will thrive if they take good care of their clay pots, otherwise, they will decline.