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About the Project

The origin of our team name

Team name: Little Giants of Tjaljaquvus
Tjaljaquvus in Paiwan language means “Laiyi”. We are Grade 6 students at elementary school. When we sat in the pavilion in the Old Village thinking about a name we should call our team, one proposed “Little Giants” because we feel like the giants in the mountain researching into the method our ancestors used to build slabstone houses (UMA). It did not sound exciting nor did it identify Paiwan tribe, if we called ourselves “Little Giants of Laiyi”, So we changed “Laiyi” to “Tjaljaquvus”, a distinctive name which is easily recognizable and full of tribal culture significance.
Title: Exploring the Ancient Tribe.UMA Investigation
UMA means slabstone house in Paiwan language. Laiyi Township is currently restoring slabstone houses in the Old Village, so that people may appreciate what the Old Village was like in the ancient times. We decided to form a team to visit the area and to make a record of the process of rebuilding a slabstone house. We hope that once the restoration of the Old Village is completed, we can invite other school children from other areas to visit the slabstone house and to learn about our culture.