About the Project


Project Overview

Elementary school Historical Landmarks
(2) Description of "Our Community"
¡@¡@Laiyi Village is a very small and beautiful village in Laiyi surrounded by mountains and rivers. Many years ago, under the government¡¦s assistance, the village residents were relocated from the Old Village in the mountains to Laiyi Village. Only older people have experience of living in a slabstone house which is a special feature in the local area.
(3) Summary of Our Project
¡@¡@Laiyi displays distinctive Paiwan culture. Everyone, adult or kids, must register with the police before visiting the Old Village in a controlled area. Slabstone houses have been reconstructed or restored to their original state and they want to use this distinctive character as a tourist attraction, to promote it to the outside world.
(4) Our Computer and Internet Access
¡@¡@There is a computer in every classroom at our school, and there is also a separate computer room. However, computer hardware and software is old due to insufficient subsidy; for example, some MS Office application software is out of date and incompatible.
(5) Problems We Had To Overcome
1. Lack of experience:
This is the first time we have taken part in the Cyberfair. We did not fully understand the process, nor did we have any relevant experience. To complicate the matters, we chose a slabstone house, a historical landmark, as our project. We had never seen a completed slabstone house; no one lives in a slabstone house these days anymore, so we could only learn about it by talking to the old people. As a result, it is difficult to present a true picture; but the slabstone house is being restored and we got to see the restoration process in action.
2. Software and hardware:
Due to insufficient financial support from the government, our computer resources are very limited. As a result, producing the required web pages has been a serious challenge. Fortunately, students from the University lent us a notebook, making the challenge was considerably less difficult.
(6) Our Project Sound Bite
¡@This is the first time we have taken part in this activity which is great fun, and we may even get a chance to visit Taipei. But the main point is that we want to do it well even if we do not win a prize, because we have learnt so much from the project, such as our old traditions, slabstone house building, and so on. We also appreciate how difficult life was in the old time.