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Hometown of the Sun

About Laiyi  

Laiyi Village is located in the central eastern part of Pingtung County. To the east are the Central Mountains and Taitung County Jinfeng Township and Daren Township; to the west is Hsinpu Township and Wanruan Township; to the south is Lili River and Chunri Township; to the north is Waloos River and Taiwu Township. The area is mountainous and rocky, with both Lili River and Laiyi River running through the village area, the two rivers join to become Linbian River towards Taiwan Strait. The whole village is 17,256.5861 hectare (forest: 8,742.5478 hectare; aboriginal reserve: 8,408.7422 hectare; new native reserve: 105.2861 hectare). There are several mountains in the village including Dawu Mt., Laishe Mt., Baoheyi Mt., Bajing Liushou Mt., and Baliyagu Mt. - average height is more than 300 meters, mountainous and hilly with a substantial slopping fall; there are also several streams and smaller rivers running through the village including Laishe River, Lili River, and Waloos River. Rain fall is lower here than other mountain areas, the rain season is from June to October, and it is dry all other months, drought often occurs between January and May.
Due to the geographic location, the aborigines tend to settle down along the streams, and communication with the outside world has always been difficult. Only until recent years, has the government speeded up the improvement of the infrastructure for remote areas; completed the Pingtung Expressway 110 (that is Gulou Road, from Laiyi Village through Yilin Village, Danlin Village, Gulou Village towards Chaochou, connecting Yanshan Road and Ping-er Road); important bridges have been built including Danlin Bridge, Yilin Bridge, Nanhe Bridge, Laiyi Bridge, Wenle Bridge, Laishe Bridge, Danlin Suspension Bridge, and Laiyi Suspension Bridge; Pingpu Township Road is extended to the whole village which is now accessible from all sides. Public transport including Pingtung Coach which runs through the 4 villages (Laiyi Village, Yilin Village, Danlin Village, and Gulou Village) in the north, Taiwan Coach connects Fangliao and Nanhe. Life has much improved and owning a car is now common. There are Laiyi Village, Yilin Village, Danlin Village, Gulou Village, Wenle Village, Wangjia Village, and Nanhe Village in the county, recorded as neighborhood number 89, total 2,045 households, population of 7,880 (Source: Laiyi Township Household Registry Office September 2006 statistics.)