Little guide

UMA Project Hammering And Pounding Hometown Of The Sun Paiwan Culture Ancient Fable UMA Designer Our Language Project
Introduction to slabstone houses Steps to extract slabstone from the rock About Laiyi Clay pots Stories of clay pots Student Native language The origin of our team name

Outside a slabstone house

Procedure to extract slabstone from the rock Brief history of Laiyi Village Paiwan sword (dagger) Story about slabstone house Volunteers and teachers eaves' decorate Project Narrative
Reconstruction It is my turn now Tribal migration and relocation Woodcarving     Slabstone Afterthoughts
Woodcarving   Hearing the migration and relocation from elders Lazurite beads     cottonmouth  Source
Front view   Geography Rattan (yuehtao) weaving     knife Contributions 
The assembly process           headdress Project Overview 
Interior           My painting  Project Elements