Our School


 (一)Brief Introduction:
1.Area: 18990 square meters
2.Address: 175, Tong De 6th St., Taoyuan City, Taoyuan The Characteristics of (二)the Structure:
(1)To address the mobile and functional factors about the square base, two-way corridors and outdoor space are planned to amplify/expand the sound waves, circulate the air and provide enough light. The construction meets the ends of both education and recreation. It’s the ideal of Yuan Construction
(2)It meets the requirements of safety, economy, pragmatism, aesthetics, sanitation and prospecting and presents the senses of education, wholeness, and symbols to fully address the environmental education.


(3)The whole campus is divided into the functional areas such as teaching, exercise, administration, recreation.., etc according to the noise level in order to built a good environment beneficiary to teaching and learning.
(4)The construction is based upon the ideas of the square yard in the traditional Chinese colleges, which helps to reinforce the union of all the schoolmates.
(5)A school community: To share the campus with the community in order to make the most use of the campus resources. The accounts of both environment and aesthetics are taken in the construction design in order the campus can fit to the local scenes. The school and the community can be developed prosperously. (6)The Information Environments on the campus There are 2 computer rooms in the school. There is one computer in each classroom to support the teaching and learning. In order not to interrupt the teaching and learning in the classrooms, we usually used the computers in the computer rooms to complete our tasks. With the good internet connection and information equipments, all the team members could communicate with each other promptly and effectively although we belonged to different classes.