Our City

Taoyuan County is located in the Northwestern Taiwan. In those early days, people planted peach trees, which were in the full bloom in spring and looked very beautiful. So the land was named "Taoziyuan" which in Chinese means "Peach Garden". It got its official name Taoyuan in 1886 and was designated as Taoyuan Prefecture in 1941. It is made up of low lying plains, interconnected hills and plateaus and occupies an area measuring 1,220 km. The population is about 1,850,000.

In 1952, Namchow was established by Mr. Chi-chih Chen, who had lived in Philippine. In the early days, the company focused on making soaps. The Crystal Soap was a great success which is the touchstone to the future development. The works in the central Kueishan, which occupies 49,587 square meters, is the most completed oil and fat factory. The works produces crystal soaps, shredded soaps, ching-ching bath soap, happy soap and tea-tree essence skin care series as well as baking oil, refined oil, coconut oil and industry oil. Zhongli factory, which is located in Zhongli Industrial Area, produces frozen cooked food and noodles. The production line belongs to an independent business unit which produces top-level noodles like oodung( thick Japanese noodles ), ramen ( thinner Japanese noodles ) and sobar . Honbaryu Noodle Shop, which is run by Namchow's associated company, Chauhou, takes elevating noodle culture in Taiwan as its mission. It uses high-quality frozen cooked noodles to serve the genuine and delicious cuisines, providing Taoyuan people a delicate and comfortable dinning place and originated, healthy and highly value-added services as well. In addition to providing lots of job opportunities, Namchow Chemical Industrial. Co., Ltd. takes accounts on environment protection and has been insisting on producing harm-free and environment-friendly cleaning products. These efforts make great contribution to Taoyuan's water resource protection.