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Project Elements

How did our activities and study for this International Schools CyberFair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?


From collecting the information, drafting the questions of the interview, composing the diary and progress report, to interview the people in our community and the integration of our contents of the website, all promote our ability of analyzing, generalizing, arranging and composition.


Through the WWW, computer, interviewing recording, video recording, taking pictures with a digital camera, the skills of making our website...etc, it cultivated our ability of the using the internet technology.


Via interview some of the community's people, we started to have cognition about our community and have interest of giving oure care to our people in the community.

What information tools & technologies did you use to complete your CyberFair project?


During the study, we used the these equipments:





Used of getting in touch with other members.


Used for typing the documents, making the website, hacking the pictures, making the lesson examples and conveying the data.


Used to record the interviewing video.

Digital camera

Used to shoot pictures of the interview

Traditional camera

Used to shoot the pictures auxiliary


Used to scan the pictures and photograph

Recording pen

Used to record the interview


Used to record the interview auxiliary


Used to record the interview auxiliary


Used to export our data


Used to support the equipments that need batteries

Memory card, USB driver

Used to store and back up the data





Macromedia Dreamweaver

Used to manage and make the website

Macromedia Flash

Used to make animation

Ulead PhotoImpact, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro

Used to dealt with the pictures


Used to manage the pictures

Microsoft PowerPoint

Used to make reports

Microsoft Word

Used to type down our documents

Internet Explorer

Used to explore websites, search for information, uploading files and downloading files

Open Webmail

Used to communicate with the team members and the Open Webmail’s Webdisk.

Those tools help us to construct our web efficiently and let our web shows perfectly. Many of them are the first time that we use them. We took much time to study what's the usage of them.

In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.


Visiting people face to face is the most important source of studying data.


Professor Zeng led us to visit water caltrop fields and vendors.

In the study, we all drafted the studing outline together. After determined the studying direction, we collected materials about water caltrop from Nets and library, we interviewed vendors or experts face to face, and we did fieldwork rain or shine.

In order to understand more information of the Old Zuoying, teachers arranged an interview of Professor Zeng for us. Professor Zeng led us to visit water caltrop fields and vendors, he made us know the history of Zuoying, and he also made us understand the reason why water caltrop fields is declining.

By this precious opportunity, we hope more people to know Zuoying Water Caltrop and to be fond of our community.

What has been the impact of our project on our community?


In both sides of road to Banpinshan, you can see two chinese words "water caltrop" everywhere.


Welcome to taste "Zuoying Water Caltrop".

Zuoying Water Caltrop is quite famous. Last year, it won the award of the ten best Kaohsjung City's Specialties.
From the study, what we learnt is not only the good attitude of handling affairs, we also have changed our impression on Zuoying Water Caltrop. It once drove Zuoying's economy; It was a great Zuoying's significance; It is Zuoying's good friend forever. By our study, we hope more people to know what "Zuoying Water Caltrop" is.

Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises


Walking in Zuoying, you are easy to find water caltrop vendors.


Our team's spirit is a perfect score.

When we drive pass through Banpinshan Natural Park, we always see those aunties who sell water caltrop to work hard. Before participating in the CyberFair, we had never thought why Zuoying Water Caltrop is famous. But through the study, we found and understanded the reason. Being famouse of Zuoying Water Caltrop is everybody's efforts; therefore, we should continue the efforts to make more people be fond of such wonderful food.

Besides, we have learnt how to divide the work , how to cooperate with each other, how to coordinate our efforts , and how to encourage each other. We worked hard to reach the goal and we have really enjoyed the course.