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Project Overview

Description of Our Community:

Zuoying Water Caltrop is our good friend.

while you visit Zuoying, you can take a tour of water caltrop fields.

Our community is developed earliest among all districts of Kaohsjung City. It was the military-political centre of The Old Fengshan County in the Ching Dynasty. Now, it remains a important military station of Taiwan. Our community owns precious cultural heritage and natural beautiful scenery. To attract more tourists, Zuoying has gradually transformed and its tour industry has been under development in the last few years.

Summary of Our Project

Zuoying owns precious cultural heritage and natural beautiful scenery.

Hope more people know Zuoying Water Caltrop

The water caltrop of Zuoying is quite famous. Lots of foreign tourists bought water caltrop as a souvenir while they visited Zuoying. Last year, it ,Zuoying Water Caltrop, won the award of the ten best Kaohsjung City's Specialties.

Few people know why Zuoying Water Caltrop is famous; therefore, we made the study enable more people to know what "Zuoying Water Caltrop" is.

Our Computer & Internet Access

We surfed Nets and collected materials with computers.

We made webpages by ourselves .


We have two computer classrooms and each classroom has 80 computers to provide the students to use it.

The computers in the school have been connected; the team members usually use the computers to search for information and printing out the documents.


The team members mostly use ADSL to surf the WWW at home. After they leave school, we use the school's mailbox and webdisk to continue our study.

Problems We Had to Overcome

Our parents provided vehicles to solve the problem of transportation.

We have interviewed lots of water caltrop vendors.

We took time to reorganize and to analyse the materials.

Our teacher helped us very much.

We rehearsed for each interview.

We often discussed the materials with our teachers.

We reported our own working progress one by one.



Interview is an important topic of our project, because we want to know more about Zuoying Water Caltrop through the water caltrop vendors. For time is limited, how to get in touch with those vendors and how to complete those interviews are difficult works.

In addition, transportation is also a big problem for us!


We made a list of our subjects and draft a questionnaire before each interview. Our team members worked together on a project but did different things at the same time. So that we have completed our missions efficiently in our limited time.

As for transportation, We asked voluntaries to provide vehicles before each interview.



Though we had accepted the training of interview in fifth grade, but we were still nervous because it was the first time for us to close-up interview.


Before each interview, we surfed Nets about water caltrop and collected related materials of Zuoying; Then we edited these materials and made interviewing question. Because prepareing in advance, we had enjoyed interviews each time.

Data Assortment


We have only five people, so eachone had lots of works to complete.


First, we planed the studying category. Second, everyone had his own categorical data to collect. Finally, we discussed, analyzed and reorganized these data together.


On the computer skills and dividing works, the teachers have arranged lots of courses to learn the skills, but we still met some small problems on working, for instance: The computers at our house often crashes, causes the work cutting off; The computers of the school installed a” Recovery Genius Program”, so we have to reset the settings of Flash again every time. Plus, when we do the assignments at home, the assignments that are needed to upload to the database of the school, often occurs upload failing and mistakes too.

Our Project Sound Bite

Let"the Zuoying Water Caltrop" can be well-known everywhere

Thanked all people who helped us

From the study, what we learnt is not only the skill of webpage making, but also have learned lots of valuable knowledge by doing this project. Now, we have known the water caltrop which once drove Zuoying's economy is a great significance to Zuoying.

United is an important factor in a group, and it inspired us to worke harder in our daily life. It is a special experience which we could not learn in our school.