I. Local specialties

II. Description of the Orchid Island ˇGˇ@ˇ@ˇ@

Orchid Island is located southeast to the coast of Taiwan and has a surface are of about 45 square kilometers. The island is a volcanic island with hilly terrain covered by tropical rain forest plantations. It is therefore not difficult to find many tropical animals and plants.

Orchid is a small yet mysterious island full of the senses of ocean and the charm of the Tao culture. Aborigine Tao living on the island has a long tradition and inherits the spirits and attitude toward the nature from their ancestors. They live in a life style in which natural resources are cherished and preserved. The natural beauty of their homeland has thus been preserved as a result.

III. Summary of Research Project

Join-plate boats are a specialty of the Orchid Island's Tao. However, as times go by in this technology-oriented age, they are becoming scarce. The scenario in which Taos gather around a newly-built big boat to celebrate is also becoming unfamiliar.

Partly as a result of Uncle Jenshiang's ˇ§building a dreamˇ¨ project, he proposed to sail a big join-plate boat from Orchid Island to Taiwan. We were deeply attracted and moved by this idea that we paid a visit to the island. This is why we become more familiar with this unique culture.

Although one political part of Taiwan, the island has been constantly forgotten by the Taiwan mainlanders. We wish to introduce to everyone the fascinations of the island via the website we set up for this project.

IV. Our Internet Access Environment

Most student team members and their teachers are equipped with high-speed internet access such as 2M/256K speed ADSL services provided by the Chunghwa Telecom.

V. Problems to Overcome

Insufficient time:
Due to the fact that serious discussions and preparation efforts were started late (December), time was the greatest concern. We worried that the content would be less than acceptable because team members had to attend various regular activities in school.

Overcoming the Problem:
Team members squeezed time out from regular daily activities to gather at Paul's house. Issues were discussed and works assigned with specified deadline. A fine of 3 NT$ 100 (roughly US$ 3) will be collected if anyone failed the schedule.

Lack of Experience:
We were worried about our lack of experience in webpage production.

Overcoming the Problem:
Schoolmates with experience of webpage production had assisted with relevant and helpful information. With the helping hands from our teachers and parents, we eventually regained our confidence.

Lack of Information:
Sound and complete information are the key to the production of a good website. But public information on Orchid Island has been scarce. Detailed and complete information are difficult to find.

Overcoming the Problem:
Team members went to libraries to collect information from books and online database. We were convinced that a trip to the island was inevitable in view of such little public information.

VI. What we learned

We were gradually attracted by the beauty and uniqueness of the island as we initiated our project and started to collect information. The growing interests led us on to a journey to the island. Based on the new information we collected and discovered on the island, we learned the importance of teamwork. We learned skills of information gathering via personal interviews. We learned the skills to integrate elements of a job in a efficient manner. Rich harvest is what we describe the side benefits of participating and implementing the project.