Feedback from Teacher

It is a great feeling to lead a group of active and energetic kids in this competition!  Before the students’ parents created an outline for this project, I did not realize that I knew so little about Jingmei.  Prior to this project, I did not pay much attention to the surrounding neighborhood.  Every day, I was busy teaching.  I seldom took the time to discover the beauty of our neighborhood.  Even worse, my students were like me.  They did not know much about our local community.

Good thing that their parents were willing to volunteer.  They helped solve most of the problems.  Without their help, the research would not have gone as smoothly as it did.  I hope that through this website, people will get to know Jingmei a little more.  I would like to thank the students’ parents, and all the students for their hard work.  You are the best! 

Feedback from the team members

AndyDoing this project not only broadened my perspective, but it also helped me gain a lot of knowledge.  I've learned something that I could not learn in the classroom.

KellyAt the beginning, I thought joining the Cyber Fair competition was a lot of trouble!  However, when we finished the project, I felt really happy.

IrisI have learned a lot of new things that the school doesn't teach us.

MeganThis project was really beneficial to us.  I think joining the competition was very meaningful.

JennyThis competition was very challenging.

AmandaI believe that as long as we work hard as a team, we will be able to make a perfect website!

JasonTraveling ten thousand miles, you learn more than reading ten thousand books.

VanessaWe not only learned how to do a research project, we learned how to work as a team.

Chung LinI was very nervous when I interviewed people.  However, I tried my best to complete my mission.

LisaWhile completing this project, I learned how to design a simple website.  This was an extra bonus for me!

Jacky: I have learned so much from this project.  It also gave me a lot of unforgettable memories.

SherryIt’s been a great pleasure to work with everybody.  I will always remember this.

Ping FangThis was a wonderful experience.  I am truly pleased and feel a sense of achievement.

YoungI have learned how to work with other people, how to communicate, and how to complete a project.

Ying TingI am really grateful to have this opportunity to learn something totally different from what I had learned before. 

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