Project Study Factors

1. Please explain how your project meets the objective of the "Taiwan Schools Cyber Fair":

Literature: During the process of collecting and organizing materials, to keep every word and phrase is very important.  Writing something that everyone can understand and expressing exactly what we thought is a good lesson for every member in this project. 

 Mathematic: In this project, there is the limitation of capacity of the webpage.  However, there are tons of materials we want to put into. How to create the best webpage within limited capacity we have to be very calculating.  Compare to the mathematic course, we have to calculating, increasing, and decreasing page by page.  It was like solving a difficult mathematics problem!

Social Science: Field trip, interviewing and reporting is the best coursework of social science. 

Natural Science and technology: Our website includes a Jingmei leisure and recreation guide that covers the Xianji Rock Hiking Trail and the Jingmei Stream Bikeway.  These two locations offered abundant opportunities to gain biological and scientific knowledge.  It is more interesting than learning in the classroom. 

Designing web site is an entirely new experience for every member in this project. From the beginning without any knowledge about how to create a web site to a real amazed outcome, only one phrase to describe--where there's a will there's a way.  Now everyone in this group is a little computer expertise! 

Health and Physic: For the students who visit Xianji Rock Hiking Trail and Jingmei Stream Bikeway, sweat streaming down the back is the most proper description for them.  Now they know how important it is to have good health and strong body. 

When the team members who were responsible for the field research on the Xianji Rock Hiking Trail and the Jingmei Stream Bikeway told us how tiring it was to make the trip, we realized the importance of physical education.  If they had a stronger body, they wouldnt have been worn out so quickly.

Liberal art: This project covered Jingmei’s past and present, day market, night market, culture and activities, etc.  We probed the depth of every cultural activities and information surround us. The website discusses the marketplace and the night market, as well as local art, culture, and recreation.

Other: The power of teamwork is the most significant lesson from this project.  We appreciate our teacher’s leadership which tied us together.  We will be the best class in Ching Shin Elementary and Junior School. We appreciate our teacher’s leadership which tied us together.  We will be the best class in Ching Shin Elementary and Junior School.

Some student who is usually not too good to express themselves, during this project, they tried to reach out with strangers, learned how to interact with other people.  They learned how to team work and how to cooperate with each others.  For every member in this team, no matter in web site design, questionnaire design, inter person communication, or composing articles, made a lot of progress. This project let us looking at our homeland Jingmei with different view from before.

2.Please explain what IT you use and how you use it for the project?

In schooleducational web

At homeADSLwireless internet

Desk top/notebook

After every interview or exploring, we needed to fill out report and summary, to handle all the materials and combine all the information, computer become the most important tool for us.


In the class, we will use projector to discuss our project, let everyone to discuss and give suggestions.

Digital camera

We use digital camera to record a lot of moment.

Telephone and internet

After class, we use telephone and MSN to communicate and support each other.


Except take notes, during our interview, we will also use recorder to record everything for afterward double checking.

3. Each participant represents a different community and plays the role of an ambassador of their county. Please explain how each participant fulfilled this role?

Jingmei is an ‘old’ place, because of this it is easily being forgotten by people more often than not.  Just like your parents, siblings who live with you all your life, is most close but not ardent to you.  As things are developed, there were only 15 students who involved in this project at first.  As weaving a web, the student told their parents, relatives, colleagues, classmates, etc and the net becomes bigger and bigger, the participants become more and more.  Until now it is still expanding.  The most fast and efficient way is using internet to tell everyone what we are doing.  The students using internet and MSN telling their friends what is the project and what are the most recent progress.  Not only introducing Jingmei to local people, but also people overseas.  We will adjust our project according to their opinions.

4. What influence and impact did the project bring to your life?

Do you know that Xiajin Yan Hiking Trail has 17 entrances?  Do you know the bikeway along the Jingmei Stream can ride all the way to Yuanshan ?  And have you heard there is a Chinese medicine herb store inside Jingmei market has been there for over a century? 

Jingmei is only a small part of one of the county to Taipei City.  No matter in any form of introduction about Taipei, you can only find a fraction or a small scrape about Jingmei.  You have to try several different resources to put all the information together in order to accumulate an obscure picture of Jingmei. It is just like a needle in a haystack.  But now as what we had done, when someone wants to find comprehensive information about Jingmei, this web site will be the first priority. From the day market to the night market, from hiking trail to riverside bikeway, from a century old history to the future development and plan of Jingmei, they are all included in this web site.

For the people who live in Jingmei, they would understand their homeland in depth.  Maybe you never found out how diversify is Jingmei.  Maybe you never know the transition of Jingmei market?  Actually it is changing all the time, we live inside it and never feel it.  Through the project, we learned a lot of the history of Jingmei, we made friend in the market.

For the people from other part of Taiwan will find amazing and interesting things of Jingmei in this website.  We hope this project and website will let more people understand Jingmei and feel interested about Jingmei and then visit here in person.  We want to share Jingmei with everyone, not only because it is our homeland, it is also a beautiful place we want everyone to know it and love it.

Now we can say it out loud: Jingmei has its own web site!

5.How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

Choosing ‘Jingmei market’ as the center of introduction spread out to surrounded streets and tourist attractions is the main topic of this project.  Most of the students reside in Jingmei, with the parents who also grew up in the same area and familiar with their stories of Jingmei, have special sentimental feeling to this area.  The parents of course became the must volunteers and helper in the community, taking the child to their familiar community, digging out the faded stories and unbelievable past.  There are also the precinct chiefs in the community and the elders in the Jiing Temple who unselfishly shared their stories with us all contributed their part in this project.

6.About Intelligence Property Right:

To manifest our respecting to this project and copyright, all the pictures, photos, motion picture, words, even the background music are created and composed by the students.  They spent almost half year to finish this project.  There is only one picture, map of Xianji Rock Hiking Trail, was difficult to draw.  So we searched in internet and found one which we thought would be the most proper one.  We used in the web page and cited the original source. 

7.Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises

Jingmei is only a teeny tiny spot on Taiwan’s map, as what Taiwan stands on the world’s map.  However, the people in this land work hard and try to compose the sweetest rhythm in this lovely land.  Just like every member in this team, everyone worked hard and tried hard to do the best.  When the web site finally came out, all the hard working seemed disappeared.  During the map designing, we found out that the shape of Jingmei just like a little lamb.  So we use this idea inside the web site immensely.  Although had to sacrifice some designing of the webpage, but it is really worthwhile. Everyone love that lamb and hope this discovery will be used by other people.

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