Q: 1

Nan-Fang-Ao is otherwise known as the homeland of which fish species ?

Q: 2

Which county or city is Nan-Fang-Ao located in ?

Q: 3

Do you know the economic sea range of ˇ§inshore fishery" ?

Q: 4

What do you think fresh Mackerel should be ?

Q: 5

What is generally believed as the optimum temperature of freezers ?

Q: 6

Is the Scomber (Mackerel) a seasonal fish ?

Q: 7

Is Mackerel commonly called ˇ§Concubine Yangˇ¨ ?

Q: 8

What does DHA mean ?

Q: 9

What is the peak season of the Scomber (Mackerel) when it tastes the best ?

Q: 10

Does the Scomber (Mackerel) fall under large encircling net fishery ?