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Mackerel's Hometown Nan-Fang-Ao


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Name Hsiu-Yi Wu Sex Female
Birthday 1973.10.21 Zodiac Libra
E-mail tina@mail.nhush.tp.edu.tw

Team Members

Name Huo-Zheng Lin Sex Male
Birthday 1990.12.08 Zodiac Sagittarius
E-mail michael8816@yahoo.com.tw


Chia-Wei Chueh



Birthday 1989.11.16 Zodiac Scorpio
E-mail david.id@msa.hinet.net


Name Yun-Ching Fang Sex Female
Birthday 1990.07.19 Zodiac Cancer
E-mail littlepig3131@yahoo.com.tw
Name Lin-Kai Ku Sex Male
Birthday 1990.11.14 Zodiac Scorpio
E-mail vainismadeforall@yahoo.com.tw


Name Ai-Ming Lo Sex Female
Birthday 1990.01.08 Zodiac Capriccrn
E-mail mi2yia@yahoo.com.tw
Name Shish-Ti Chang Sex Female
Birthday 1990.07.16 Zodiac Cancer
E-mail pan276@yahoo.com.tw


Name Yu-Ting Chien Sex Female
Birthday 1990.08.06 Zodiac Leo
E-mail likinpac@hotmail.com
Name Ya-Chih Hsiao Sex Female
Birthday 1900.07.27 Zodiac Leo
E-mail mia_itil777@hotmail.com

@@We cannot underestimate the crucial and outstanding role played by our seniors and teachers. No doubt, they have generously set aside their precious time and energy to encourage and guide us in this project. They also built the Chinese version of this project very hard last year. We'd like to thank our teachers: Chin-Tu Huang, Hsiu-Yi Wu, Jiu-Mei Lin and Jyh-Yeong Lin; as well as seniors: seniors: Chiu-Shian Wu, Zu-Jun Yu, Zhan-Zhi Ye, Zong-Han Wu, Nian-Shin Wu, Shiang-Yu Gu, Ting Jiang, Yu-Chiao Wang, Ting-En Chen, Kai-Lin Chen, and Chi-Zang Zheng. Thanks for all their support and


Name Chiu-Shian Wu Sex Female
Birthday 1988.10.17 Zodiac Libra
E-mail pig60821@yahoo.com.tw

Name Zu-Jun Yu Sex Male
Birthday 1988.09.30 Zodiac Libra
E-mail zonnt2005@yahoo.com.tw


Name Zhan-Zhi Ye Sex Male
Birthday 1989.05.17 Zodiac Tarurs
E-mail dos517@yahoo.com.tw
Name Chi-Zang Zheng Sex Male
Birthday 1988.11.09 Zodiac Scorpio
E-mail andykenken@yahoo.com.tw


Name Nian-Shin Wu Sex Male
Birthday 1989.11.01 Zodiac Scorpio
E-mail oscar0717@yahoo.com.tw
Name Zong-Han Wu Sex Male
Birthday 1990.07.17 Zodiac Cancer
E-mail oscar0717@yahoo.com.tw


Name Shiang-Yu Gu Sex Female
Birthday 1989.07.31 Zodiac Leo
E-mail shangyu_ku@yahoo.com.tw
Name Ting-En Chen Sex Male
Birthday 1989.07.29 Zodiac Leo
E-mail tima_yz@yahoo.com.tw


Name Kai-Lin Chen Sex Female
Birthday 1988.04.25 Zodiac Tarurs
E-mail aasap12150425@yahoo.com.tw
Name Yu-Chiao Wang Sex Female
Birthday 1989.05.23 Zodiac Gemini
E-mail michelle888523@yahoo.com.tw


Name Ting-Yan Jiang Sex Female
Birthday 1989.9.15 Zodiac Virgo
E-mail kinakinagirl@yahoo.com.tw