Picture materials
◎ Our team drew by ourselves。

Photo materials
◎Chihkeshan old photos were offered by Mr. Ming-han Huang
◎Chihkeshan scenery photos were offered by Mr. Shui-huo Zhan
◎Our team shot by ourselves.

Written materials
◎“Visit at the Beginning of Chihkeshan Evolution”, Xiu-qing Chen, 1992.
◎ “Disputing problems source of Chihkeshan land utilization and analyzing with the solution”, Shi-xiong Yan, 1992.
◎ “Golden beauty - Tour of Jin-Zhen recreation agriculture in Hualian County”, Bureau of agriculture government in Hualian County, 1989.
◎ “Golden earth – Drawing of Chikeshan”, Farmers’ Association of Yuxi region, 1992.
◎ “The chronological table of the overview that the typhoon warning is released over the years of Central Weather Bureau”, 1989, March
◎ “Chihkeshan developed stories, the 147th issue of magazine of East Coast”, Xiu-qing Chen, 1989.
◎ “Chihkeshan land question discussion”, the 147th issue of magazine of East Coast. Xiu-qing Chen, 1989.
◎ “The White Paper of dealing with Jin-Zhen crisis in Hualian County in 88”, Jin-Zhen crisis dealing group, 88
◎ China Times 92.11.05 C2 edition.
◎ Liberty Times 92.12.10 the 16th edition.
◎ China Times 92.11.18 C2 edition.
◎ Unite e-newspaper

◎Chihkeshan farm http://home.kimo.com.tw/chyhong1214/
◎Blue magpie of Taiwan? http://study.nmmba.gov.tw
◎Elegance of Jin-Zhen -- Jin-Zhen feast on Chihkeshan http://www.hlyl.gov.tw/p0308.htm
◎Taiwan history institute - Eight seven floods in Taiwan history


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