Area of Research : Not only the Nanyang Street

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Area of Research

The Nanyang Street in this research refers to the area around the Nanyang Street in the Zhong-Zheng District of Taipei City, namely the area of this research. Since it is where buxibans first appeared and then converged. The expansion of buxibans to neighboring streets is a result of overabundance.


The northern boundary of the area of research extends from No.8 to No.66 (even number only) of the 1 st Section of the Zhong-Xiao West Road, while the southern one stretches from No. 2 to NO.16 (even number only) of the Xiang-Yang Road; the b oundary in the east is from No.2 to No.18 (even number only) of the Gong-Yuan Road, and that in the west is the Guan-Chien Road. Besides, this area will cover the north-south Nanyang Street , and the east-west Xu-Chang Street as well as the Xin-Yang Street , while alleys and lanes are excluded in this research.

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