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Dove's sound is singing
     It is said that the history of flying dove can tracing back to Qing Dynasty , has already had a history of over one hundred years from today. The traffic in ancient times between the military camp and military camp is inconvenient, they often use the carrier dove to transmit message. And it’s method is to stuff up military orders to a small bamboo tube which is tided on the carrier dove’s leg. But there is such an interesting legend about flying dove’s racing, it is said that it is related to 〝gu ye neighborhood〞 Sin Ying city .Son-in-law is a respectful address for parents-in-law to call son-in-law, and son-in-law of gu ye neighborhood, according to popular legend is Yang Rui Lian, son-in-law of sister of Zheng Cheng Gong . Yang Rui Lian is eunuch’s offspring and he takes a sea-voyage eastward Taiwan with Zheng Cheng Gong, marry Zheng Wan, we call ' son-in-law Yang '. He cultivate in Sin Ying city of now and set up the advance guard camp in Jiu Ying in Yan Shui town.

          Zheng Cheng Gong's army cultivate here at that time, they have no military orders to obey, no fight to fight. Soldiers feel very boring so they catch carrier dove from each other to play, then piece together messages , regard as seeking the treasure activity of the army to army. Cross it just, does not know which talent, made the bamboo tube into the bamboo whistle, inserted it on the tail feathers of the dove. When the dove fly high up in the sky, the air is blowing the bamboo whistle, resound across the skies. Quickly, this game is popular in the military camp of Zheng Cheng Gong .Someone say this is Dove’s Ling predecessor, and it also is the reason why Dove’s Ling spread in coastal village and town in Tainan;Yan Shui town, Jiu Ying city and other places.

        The grand old man of Ding Zhou, Xue Jia town say: ' their grandfather people says, the life in the countryside in the past is simple, raising one dove in order to kill time, and can take tonics . Travel faraway such as going out, they often carry the dove, when they feel boring, they would insert the bamboo flute, let the dove blow whistle, soaring in the horizon. And life is very happy and blest. Latter, meddler have boast one's own dove can carry Dove’s Ling and how beautifully does it more beautiful voice have. Soon he continue to boast again , one's own dove has big strength , not only the sound of Dove’s Ling is beautiful but also the volume is large, from boasting to boasting each other. Then, a friendly racing is held. Judge according to the convention, it should be a friendly racing between individual or a group of persons to be initial. Finally, turn into the contest between village and village .

Photograph: Mr. Guo Jing Jing