Cricket Fight

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Crickets' battles between life and death.


Feng-rong Li of Sin-hua Village in Tainan County used to be called Yang-zai. Located on the southwest side of downtown Sin-hua, it did not have Cricket Fight until nineteen years ago. At first, this event was held in the Feng-rong (Yang-zai) Community Activities Center , and the participants were young people in the community. Then, it moved next to the Yang-zai Temple (or the Baoshendadi Temple ). 2003 was the 19th cricket fight competition. Number of fighting crickets increased from about 100 in the beginning to 400 now; this is a very concrete manifestation of the popularity of cricket fighting in Tainan . Original cricket fighting was a local event, but now has become a regional specialty, growing with the help of overall community-building.


In a professional game, only crickets of the same level can fight against each other. In a normal competition, the grouping of crickets is based on the age of the owners, and not the color of the crickets. The fame of cricket fighting in Taiwan has passed to Europe, Germany , and many other countries. Competitions are advertised through newspapers, and invitations can be sent out. The regions of Yun-lin, Chia-yi, Kaohsiung , Tainan County pay much attention to our activities, and there has been more past information of Yong-kang participating in cricket fighting. The two recent occasions of the cricket fight in Feng-rong Community have been categorized into the Expert, Social, and Children groups, with single elimination playoffs.

These insect competitions are also referred to as the Olympic Games for insects. Participants come from all over Tainan County Shi-pei area, Tainan City An-nan area, and Kaohsiung County . The hosts combine this event with others each other, making it even more special.


The cricket fighting activity has become the center of reports every year. (07,29,2002, United Daily News Group)


Cricket Fight Trilogy


On the day of the competitions, the hosts have set up an athletes' village, which allows the crickets to rest and get ready for battle in the cool shades. You must come to experience the excellent and exciting competitions for yourself!

i Cricket warm-up j

Clap your hands to make the cricket jump and leap about, place it in your palm and play for a while, throw it into the air. If the cricket is dazed, put it down, it will want to fight and bit hard. Once the cricket is in the competitive mode, it will raise its head in fighting pose, and use all of its strength to fight.

i Cricket tease j

Crickets in a conscious state are not combative. The owner needs to find ways to tease it. For example, use a cat's whisker, which is shaped like an insect feeler, to make it feel like an enemy has invaded, and this will make it want to fight. It is said that dizzy and confused crickets fight and bite especially hard!


Cricket warm-up


Cricket tease

i Cricket fight j

Cricket fighting uses a clear acrylic U-shaped container, with a door on the sides and in the middle. After putting in the crickets, use a cat's whisker to provoke it. When it starts to get angry, the referee can pull open the middle door, and crickets will begin to fight. The loser will run away and the winner will pursue, while making victory calls. Now, the referee closes the middle door and ends the battle.

Cricket fight


Live report


The beautifully made posters show that the cricket fight competition has become increasingly larger in scope. The promotional theme of this event, I come from a plain under the stars, bringing sparkling eighteen stars; the day you slay my enemies, I laugh unto the heavensK is extremely literary!

This event also combines with the ecology exhibit, dance of the park crickets, post office commemorative seals, paper clay creations (do-it-yourself cricket fight), etc., very exciting.

An hour before the competition is the time to hand over the crickets V all crickets have to be checked and recorded, just like in a real sporting event.

Every cricket undergoes roll call while sitting in a box. Whenever its name is called, the owner will go to the competition site with the little cricket. The game is single elimination; hard fights will be had before a cricket can become king. (Live report at the 19th Cricket Fight Competition)


The check- up job for crickets.

Editors: Kuan Hao, Tung Kang