1. Homeland - Lujhou published by: Lujhou City Lujhou Middle School

2. Introduction to Monuments    written by: Gan-lang Li, Yi-ping Yu    published  by: Yuan Liu

3. The History of Architecture in Taiwan  written by: Gan-lang Li  published by: Hsiung Shi Arts

4. Architecture   written by: Gan-lang Li   published by: Youth Culture

5. The Beauty of Traditional Architecture in Taiwan  Edited by: Guangfu Bookstore   published by: Guangfu Bookstore

6. The Beauty of Taiwanese Monuments

7. Council of Cultural Affairs – Preservation of Cultural Assets

8. Graduate School of Architecture and Historic Preservation, Taiwan National University of Arts

9.  National Taichung Library Book Club  
Guided reading – Manual of Traditional Architecture in Taiwan – Forms and Methods

10. Historical Origins of the Traditional Architecture in Taiwan

11. Searching for the Beauty of the Homeland

12.  Taipei City Educational weekly E-News

13. Taipei County Lujhou City Lujhou Elementary School  

14.  Lujhou City Hall

15.  Lujhou Li’s Residence Preservation Foundation

16. Chinese culture   

17. A Tour of Monuments in Nanyin

18. Appreciation of Traditional Architecture in Taiwan

19. Monuments and Culture

20. Lujhou Middle School