I..Constructing the website
II. How were the interviews done?
III. Our work environment
Because our teammates were from different classes and grades, we needed a space large enough for discussions and data processing. The school dental lab thus became our base. From October 2005 on, we were gradually moving our stuff there. We had meetings, did the scanning, took pictures, and used wireless land there. Since there were quite a few teaching aids in the dental lab, it was very convenient for us to work on this project, because whenever we had doubts, these aids were very helpful. Of course, if more people needed to work on computers at the same time, we would have to go to the computer lab.
Nice sofa in the dental lab for us to rest or discuss anything
Well-sorted documents accumulated by Nurse Auntie Luo
Sometimes tiny things done in 10-minute breaks
Works by students on the shelf