¡ºThe teammates
Advisor: Teacher Kuei-chen Ho
It has been fifteen years since our school commenced the dental health program. The motive for me to lead a group of students to work on the dental health website is that we feel like making knowledge of dental health interesting. Our website is an accomplishment out of the coordination among teachers, students and parents. We might be too naive to overlook the difficulties before we got started. For five months, we have been busy day and night with meetings, doing research, working with our computers. Now our website is eventually completed. Any ideas, comments, or critique for us will be welcomed. Most important of all, let¡¦s work together to help children keep a habit of taking good care of their dental health.
Name Self-portrait or photo My reflection on making the website
Jun-Long Zhan

I was curious about what ¡§Dental Fairies¡¨ did. That was why I signed up for the team. Now I am paying attention to my teeth more than ever before. And I have more knowledge about teeth too. I feel I can help my friends if they accidentally break their teeth.
Hau-Wei Huang

My sister was a Dental Fairy. So I wanted to be one as well. Now I will regularly brush my teeth and use dental floss.
Jun-Yuan Xiau

Why did I want to join the team of Dental Fairies? That was because I wanted to learn more about dental knowledge. Tell you something! I often practice using floss while I am doing homework.
Xiang-Tin Huang

I learn how to use toothbrushes and dental floss correctly because I have joined this team. Brush your teeth after meals or snacks and before going to bed. Do use dental floss if you can. Remember to use mouthwashes once a week.
Xin-Ping Luo

I forgot why I took part in the team, but I do know that I have learned so much about tooth care.
Zhuo-Ran Lee

Brush your teeth after eating. Try not to eat sweeties or coke with sugar as possible as you can. Go to your dentist immediately when there¡¦s something wrong with your tooth. Don¡¦t wait until it is too late.
Yu-Jia Shen

It is a wonderful experience making this website. Though it took so much time, I still feel it¡¦s worth doing it. Thanks!
Tan-Lin Wang

You may want to ask me: ¡§How am I supposed to do to have beautiful teeth like yours?¡¨ Let me tell you. Don¡¦t eat too many candies. Never go to bed without brushing your teeth.
Yo-Ta Shen

If you have tooth cavities, you need to seek your dentist¡¦s help.
Ya-Jin Xu

My goodness! It¡¦s done already. This is ¡§Mission Impossible!¡¨
Zhuo-Yu Lee

I. Why the team of Dental Fairies?

1. I can learn a lot about dental knowledge.
2. I can learn how to do tooth brushing and dental floss.
3. I can sign up for the tooth care competition.
4. I can learn how to teach someone else about tooth brushing.
5. I can answer questions about teeth.

II. Does the team make a change for me?

1. I know the correct way to do tooth brushing. So my chances of tooth decay are much lower now.
2. I don¡¦t have to worry about teeth, because I have already known a lot about them.