The Growth of Your Teeth


How much do you know about your teeth? Do you know how they grow? Let¡¦s check it out from the following Q & A

¡GFor a human, when does the first tooth come out?

¡GA baby usually has its first tooth come out around six months old. In fact, it is developing when the fetus is about five or six weeks old in the womb.

¡GHow many teeth does a human have?

¡GHumans have two rows of teeth. For kids of three or four years old, they have ten in the upper and lower row respectively. That means each one of them has twenty teeth altogether. However, for adults, they have twenty to thirty-two teeth (The difference depends on whether wisdom teeth have come out or not.) In summary, a human has twenty milk teeth plus thirty-two permanent teeth¡Xaltogether fifty-two teeth in one's lifetime.

¡GSince our milk teeth will fall out at the age of six, can we simply take good care of our permanent teeth and forget about milk teeth?

¡GNo, absolutely NOT! We eat and speak with the help of our milk teeth. If your milk teeth fall out too early before the permanent can erupt, then there is a risk that you might have crooked teeth. If you want to have beautiful permanent teeth, you have to take good care of your milk teeth first.