Excellent Tooth-cleaning Environment

An old saying goes "Sharp tools make good work." While Dali Elementary School was working on tooth care activities, they put up a lot of environmental decorations. Good learning environment motivates students to pay more attention to their dental health. They might do a better job in tooth care as a consequence.

Hand-washing sinks are the places where students have to use every day¡Xespecially when washing hands before meals and brushing teeth after meals. Therefore, we have put some illustrations like ¡§Five Basic Tips for Hand Washing" and "Correct Steps for Tooth brushing." By so doing, students can follow the right way to do the tooth brushing after each meal. This is the first step of what we have done about the environmental decorations at Dali.


Toothbrushes are essential tools for dental health. It is important that students should have easy access to their toothbrushes. It looks tidy and neat to put toothbrushes on the racks. This will keep the toothbrushes sanitary as well.


Brushing teeth after meals is the most important way to protect our teeth. At Dali after lunch, we have a piece of music specifically for the tooth brushing time. Whenever we hear the music playing, we know it is time for tooth brushing.





In order to know whether students are in the habit of brushing teeth after meals, we have class assistants to keep track of how many times their fellow students brush their teeth every day. Teachers from Student Health Care Department will do the sum-up on a weekly basis. At the end of the semester, our school will give prizes to the classes who have best observed the correct ways to take care of their dental health.


Wow! What a beautiful laboratory! This is the first time ever in Taiwan that an elementary school has a dental health laboratory.





Here is the dental health laboratory funded by Hawley & Hazel Company. It is the opening ceremony chaired by Taipei City Mayor Ma during the activity called "Month of Dental Health I" in 2004.





The dental health laboratory at Dali is well equipped with latest facilities. The reading  and teaching corners there appeal to us a lot. No wonder it is so popular with students.