A Golden Medal Winner¡XOur School Team of Tooth Care

It is a great honor to become a member of School Tooth Care Team. They have to work very hard on tooth care in order to become representatives of Dali Elementary School. For tooth care, they are the role models for all of us.

As a member of the tooth care team, they have to frequently practice techniques and skills of tooth care and share what they have learned with one another. As a matter of fact, they are the tooth care assistants for their own classes. They are supposed to teach their fellow classmates how to clean their teeth!
The sequence of tooth brushing looks simple, but, actually, it is not.? With the help of the tooth care assistants, classmates would understand the importance of tooth care, and, at the same time, they would be able to learn the Bass tooth brushing technique.
Tooth care assistants from higher grades would help teach younger students in lower grades how to do tooth brushing in their weekly tooth care classes.
Every time when the tooth care team are giving visitors a demonstration, they will be given compliments and applause for their outstanding performance.

Our school team of tooth care have won the championship of the Taipei City tooth care competition at the elementary school level for ten times out of the total twelve competitions during the past twelve years.


Our school team of tooth care have been ranked No. 1 for ten times in the totally twelve times¡¦ competitions. The only exceptions are the second year¡¦s No. 2 and the third year¡¦s No. 3. We are the real champion of tooth care, aren¡¦t we?

They not only know how to take care of their dental health. They can even give a tooth care talk show.
IIn 1993, " the 1st National Elementary School Students Tooth-cleaning Emulation" was held in International Youth Activity Center in Taipei. Our school won first place this time.
From 2001to 2003 in a row, our school has won the Super Golden Award for the tooth care competition.
In 2004 the tooth care competition was held in Kaoshiung. We won the championship again¡Xthe Super Golden Award.