School Nurse¡XAuntie Luo

a push-hand of dental health at Dali

¡GHow was ¡§Dental Health Program¡¨ initiated at Dali?

¡GIt was in 1993 when Dentist Zhou, our school dentist, planned on promoting dental health, I, as a school nurse, accordingly took part in the dental health program. Also, it was almost the same time when National Dental Association and Ministry of Education started promoting dental health programs at the elementary school level.

Auntie Luo
¡]School Nurse¡^

¡GWould you please give a brief history of the dental health program at Dali?

¡GIt has been twelve years since the program got started in 1993. In the very beginning, our school dentist, Dentist Zhou, was in charge of everything including training students and some tooth care activities. I didn¡¦t take over a large part of the program until the third or fourth year. From the fifth year on, I have been totally responsible for dental health education and promotional activities at Dali.

¡GWhat are the difficulties that you have in promoting the dental health program?
¡GDespite our excellent performance in the Taipei dental health competition for years, there has been a dear price to pay for it.First, teachers were not very supportive of the program at the start. They thought students should pay more attention to their academic performance rather than some tooth care activities. However, there has been a substantial shift of their attitudes towards the dental health program from callousness to enthusiasm. After years of hard work on the dental health program, teachers now appear rather supportive of it.


Second, it is rather time-consuming to make tooth care teaching aids. In the past, we had only toothbrushes plus a human tooth model, and nothing more.

Not until 1998 did we make teaching aids with Styrofoam like a tooth model and diagram. They are very helpful for school children to learn.

Since Dali has been quite well-known for its accomplishment of tooth care, requests from other schools for taking a look at what we are doing about dental health education are always on the increase. For years, we have been continually making various teaching aids for visiting tour presentations or classroom uses. We did not have complete teaching aids until 2003.

¡GWho, in the dental health program, would you like to express gratitude for?
¡GFirst of all, I would like to thank Taiwan Dental Association for their unflagging support. They have given us a great helping hand in every possible way. Second of all, I am also very grateful to Principal Chiu and Teacher Yu-Yen for their support in terms of teaching resources and administrative assistance. Without them, nothing can be done.

Principal Chiu

Teacher CheYu-Yen

teaching aid