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The Coming of Rituals (Thanksgiving Ritual)


Thanksgiving Ritual of Hongye Tribe


Presenting glory to the chairperson

Some 300 to 400 years ago, before the tribe’s people moved to the Central Mountains, the “Thanksgiving Ritual” that was held annually was an important ritual. When the people still lived in our homeland, Jen-ai Township, Nantou now, they would celebrate this ritual together. After the tribe’s people moved into the Central Mountains in these 300 to 400 years, although they split up, settled down on different tablelands suitable to live, and became new clans, all the families still celebrated the “Thanksgiving Ritual” in September or October within their clans. First, the ancestors would thank Bari, the god to pray for a good harvest. Later, the tribe’s people regarded Bari as the weaving god or creator. And the people thanked him during the “Thanksgiving Ritual.”


Adulthood Rite

Qualifications for Adulthood Rite:

There are about 10 years from when the parents give their children training until they can be independent. When the parents think they have become adults. Then, the tribal head will give him or her four adulthood tokens and hold an adulthood rite for them. The four symbols are:

1. Exhortation   2. Tools for making a living   3. Permission to have their faces tattooed     

4. Permission to get married TOP


Traditional Funeral

It is Truku’s tradition to bury the decease indoors. To do so, they will dress the deceased in rich attire and bend their hands and legs in front of their chest in a crouching position. Then, they will wrap the dead body tight with a sheet. Next, they will dig a round hole of about 5 to 6 feet under the deceased’s bed. After that, his or her close relatives will bury the body in the den. Normally, the dead will face the riverbank. In addition, they will bury the dead with the things he or she loved and saw frequently during his or her lifetime. Eventually, they will cover the hole with a stone plate and mud. The family of the deceased will mourn for the dead for a period. During this time, they are not allowed to drink wine, sing, and dance. A month later, they will end the mourning. Then, their friends and relatives will drink wine at the home of the mourning. After that, they will resume to normal life.TOP


Thank You Prayer


Cut off a little bit of pork


Thanksgiving to ancestors

In the past, the ancestors of Truku must pray to the ancestors’ spirits before drinking wine and eating their meals. They would not eat deliberately. Before the meal, they would pinch a little bit of food and say “suzi” to express their thanks to the ancestors. It was the same for drinking wine. Before they drank wine, they would dip their index finger in the wine and pray “suzi” and sprinkle the wine around. By doing so, they invited the ancestors to eat and drink before they did.

After the meals, they would get a bit of ash with their index fingers and anoint it on their bellies because “all the food came from our ancestors. We perform this ritual and we will not get a stomach ache.” TOP