The Hobbits

        Hobbit is the leading actor of “Lord of the Rings.” In the movie, the Hobbits are short and kind. In the reality, there was a people called the Hobbits, and scientists found the mini skeleton near the Flores Island close to Indonesia 18,000 years ago.  The Hobbits were about 1 meter high and their brains were one fourth of the human size in nowadays. They knew how to use miniature tools. This changed the history of human evolution. Elf and dwarf may be not just creations of novelists.

     Meaning of “Hobbits”

          There are different schools of pop dialogue. The “Language of Mars” is one of a kind. As for “Hobbits,” it means short people. When calling a person as “the Hobbits,” it may degrade the one. However, we believed that subculture is still valuable. Besides, we the Hobbits were so special. It plays an important part of the construction of Rapid Transit.

     KMRT and the Hobbits

What is the Hobbit got to do with Rapid Transit? In fact, we vote for the name.  We used it to name the train imported from overseas. Meanwhile, we made a mascot as a Hobbit. It can be said as the best spokesman for KMRT. Other accessories produced due to the mascot may bring the profit to Rapid Transit.

    The Origin of the Hobbits of Kaohsiung Senior High School

         Only a team can enter the Cyberfair, and a team will need an attractive name. We had problems finding a perfect name, all of sudden, we saw this cute Hobbit. We are not short, but we decided to take the name as our team’s name. We believe that the Hobbit will be our perfect spokesman. It will also become the goodwill ambassador in Cyberfair!

   Show Our Gratitude

       We need to thank a lot of people for helping us do the project. We may not able to list all of them. We would like to show our gratitude to Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Bureau and KMRT Company for their interviews and tour. We have learned a great deal from the trip and interviews with the staff. We brought home not only information about KMRT but also souvenirs, including a Hobbit shaped piggy banks. Very lovely.