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¡ESome part of the technical professional information in the website was provided by ¡@Dr. Yong-Chang Lai, Jia-Yi of Branch of the Agriculture Experiment Institute. We ¡@hereby to express our thanks to him.

¡EExtended reading is quoted from ¡§The Trace of Taiwan Sweet Potato¡¨ of Guo-shi ¡@publisher.

¡EAll the reference material in this website and related links are as follow¡G

Reference information
publishing year
The Trace of Taiwan Sweet Potato
Chai cheng hao , yang yun ping
Guo shi ¡§ publisher
Information Provided
Dr. Yong-Chang Lai, Jia-Yi Branch, the Agriculture Experiment Institute
Reference website

The Pin Pu cultural information network of the Academia Sinica ºô
Commission of Agriculture, the Executive Yuan.
Government information office, the Executive Yuan.
Jia-Yi Branch, the Agriculture Experiment Institute
Tainan county government cultural bureau
Nantou county government cultural bureau
Miaoli county government cultural bureau
Liberty electronics Times
Epoch Times
Merit Times
Chi-san-Chi old pictures
The maritime affairs in Keelung teacher team
Taiwan Communities Network
All members of our team want to express our sincere appreciation to the above mentioned web sites. Because of your supports, we can do it better. If we missed any organization, we also express our thanks to them.