Introduction Team Members


Directing teachers

  Chiu Mao-jui~Beautiful memories


Chiu Mao-jui

Mr. Qiu is our computer teacher. In the course of classes, he always encouraged us to be creative when we were designing and making various computer works and taught us lots of techniques. Through the learning process, Mr. Qiu emphasizes on teamwork. He has taught us the importance of interaction, understanding and communication.

Feeling to Share

Be a person with compassion, knowledge, decency, global view, and sense of justice is what this Bin-Jiang team wishes to cultivate. I encourage students to participate in various contests. By exploring inner potentials, they will gain more confidence. Guiding students to participate various competitions has not only benefited myself but also enriched students’ lives. Every competition has become a worthwhile experience.


Student team members

  Student: Han Tse Zeng~ To travel a thousand miles is better than to read a thousand books  


Han Tse Zeng

Han-Ce is the team leader. He has extraordinary computer skills and was always very curious about many things in daily life. He always thinks: "How do we know what the result is if we don't even give it a try?" Although he sometimes gets into trouble, he does gain a great deal of valuable experiences. This competition has satisfied his curiosity by visiting a lot of agriculture associations and seeking various traces of sweet potato. It again echoes the saying 「To travel a thousand miles is better than to read a thousand books?.


Feeling to Share

This is my first time to join the CyberFair contest. I am excited and looking forward to joining the contest. I am happy about having the opportunity to put what I have learned about web page design in the elementary school into real work. I have to travel to different places to interview a lot of executives and professionals of agricultural organizations. I hope we together did a wonderful job.

  Student: Yu Shi Lu ~ Learn attentively and Be Innovative  

Yu Shi Lu

Yu-Shu is an idea generator. His specialty is to design pictures. He yielded lots of good ideas for the web page art works. He saved a lot of troubles for us. Although he was not a professional yet, he was more concentrated on this project than everyone else. He thought one could demonstrate his creativity only by learning attentively. This is his key to success.


Feeling to Share

After becoming a junior high, I joined this sweet potatoes web page team. Sweet potato was a symbol for difficulties and poverty in earlier days, however, now it stands for happiness and sunshine. By studying the history and exploring the new era of sweet potato, we found many marvels. With guidance from directing teachers and voluntary mamas, we entered the new domain of sweet potatoes. Thanks for their supports! We know we won't complete the work satisfactorily without their help. We can only reciprocate them by encouraging ourselves to work even hard.

  Student : Xiu Liang Liu ~ Success is the combination of one percent of ingeniousness and 99 percent of hard work  


Xiu Liang Liu

Xiu-Liang is the best student among us with best scores. He is an eloquent speaker too. Whenever we encounter a problem in vocabulary, pronunciation or explanation, we seek for his help. You can say he is the smartest guy in the team. He always says ?Success is the combination of one percent of ingeniousness and 99 percent of hard work?. This is not a cliche. This is our motto.


Feeling to Share

This contest has brought us a great opportunity to study the valuable research data from Dr. Yong-Chang Lai, Jia-Yi Branch of the Agriculture Experiment Institute as well as the supports form our school, parents and teachers, we can finally finish the project. In the past months, we worked quite hard and encouraged each other. We gained quite a great deal of knowledge that could not be found in books. We learned about the difficult time our ancestors faced, and that made us more appreciative of our rich and convenient lives nowadays. What we have seen and heard has expanded our views.

  Student : Ting Kung Ho ~ Success is for those people who are prepared  


Ting Kung Ho

Ting-Guang has great senses of creativity and imagination. He designed pages with a touch of farming village for us. They are simple, yet elegant. Ting-Guang says ?Success is for those people who are prepared?. His hard working attitude deeply moved us all.


Feeling to Share

In the 21st century, a global view is essential for children. With this view, children can grow up with the world civilization. Therefore, I joined the contest and hoped to grow and enrich my life. This project is a collective work from lots of people. The teachers asked us to respect and follow the law provisions of the related intellectual property rights. During the research process, everyone in the team did his/her best. It does not matter if we win or lose because the true values are what we have learned along the way and our first step in demonstrating our global view.

  Student : Yen Ling Chen ~ Person with aggressiveness, deep thoughts and down-to-earth spirit  


Yen Ling Chen

Yen-Ling is a math genius. She is not only a member of a math advanced class, but also a math teaching assistant in the class. She is a very aggressive and realistic partner. She provided many good ideas and physical supports in this project.


Feeling to Share

?The spirit of contest lies in the process, not the result?, said our principal. He wants us to dig out the local cultures and attract more people to care about them. This is my first time to join such contest. It brings me the opportunity to know the network of Taiwan schools and to get to know much valuable information to expand my views and enrich my school life. Therefore, winning or losing is not my main concern. I have gained a lot from the process.


Volunteer Parents

  Ms. Shui Ling Chuang ~ Hope always accompanies us; dreams are most desirous!  


Ms. Shui Ling Chuang

In the contest, the most laborious participant is Han-Ce’s aunt. She arranged and organized all meetings and even drove us to all places. With her ful support, we can carry out this project smoothly. Therefore, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank her and tell her "It is so nice to have you!"

Feeling to Share

This is the first time I participated in this kind of research project. Children and I had to search in the dark at first, but as time goes by, things became better and better. Choose “Care about local culture” to be our topic has made those children grown up. They learned by sharing and supporting one another. They have extended their care and concern about this land to campus and communities. It has demonstrated CyberFair spirit successfully and become a stepping stone for children to be connected to the world.

  Ms. Mei Hui Ko (Mrs. Lu) ~ Tolerance, patience and love  


Ms. Mei Hui Ko

Mrs. Lu is the promoter for the implementation of our project. She collected pictures, took photographs and corrected essays for us. Moreover, she discovered all sorts of sweet potato recipes and taught us how to cook. She solved lots of our problems and encouraged us to strive to win in our best effort. With love and patience, she has become our best rear guard.

Feeling to Share

After a few months' travel with children, I was moved by their learning desire. We visited Jia-Yi Branch of the Agriculture Experimental Institute, Bei-Pu Xiang, Xin-Ju County, and attended various activities in the campus. children have shown great desire for learning. This project has presented a great opportunity to learn. Sweet potato is a great topic. This project also allows students to care about local culture and to learn to appreciate the comfortable life they presently live.