Houli Saxplayhouse


@@The Houli's saxophone elite clubhouse, also called the Houli Saxplayhouse, is an exhibition hall of eight major saxophone manufacturers. They are Wan-Li-Fu, Yi-Shin, Kais-Shin, Dong-Shen, Huang-Wei, Mei-Guan, Yin-Dian, and Shin-Cheng. It is an alliance of the heavyweight saxophone makers in this area.

@@The founder of the clubhouse is Mr. Chang Wan-fu, who is the owner of Wan-Li-Fu. He had learned the fundamentals well ever since he was a protege. His experience over the years plays a major role in his success in building musical instruments today. He started out with alto and tenor saxophones, and flutes. Now he is concentrating his effort on baritone saxophones as well as other new products with the hope of producing world-class works of art.
Houli is the town of saxophone.
Houli is the town of saxophone.
  @@These eight manufacturers are also the most important saxophone makers in Houli. The owners of which are all capable of producing musical instruments and playing them. Inside the clubhouse, not only do you see fine saxophones on display, you could ask the technical director Mr. Chang Wan-fu any saxophone-related questions. It is a shrine not to be missed for all the music fans.  

@@According to Mr. Chang, because the residents of Houli love music, this western musical instrument was able to take root in this area. Furthermore, because of the humble and modest nature of the local residents, this industry was able to prosper from generation to generation. Today, the town of Houli is a significant player in the global saxophone market, having cornered about one third of the total market. This is the result of their hard work.