Golden Ages

  @@In the past, the middle of the nation was considered the capital of mechanical products manufacturing. Their superior capabilities resulted in the blossoming of the tool, computer motherboard, bicycle, and musical instrument industries. The timber industry in Dongshi made it convenient for the musical instrument industry that was producing saxophone, flute, trumpet, drum, triangle, xylophone, and guitar.  
  @@Since the geographic location of Houli is close to the manufacturing site of saxophone, it isn't surprising that many musicians came from Houli, including the conductor for the TTV band Yang Shui-jin the deputy director of the band Yang Ching-gui, and many other musicians. The large number of Houli musicians became very influential in the music industry, which indirectly raised the reputation of the local music instrument industry.  
  @@The mandatory nine-year education resulted in a sharp increase in the number of grade schools and middle schools. Each school was required to have its own band, therefore the need for purchasing musical instruments became greater than before. The demand for the instruments were so great that the saxophone makers needed to first be willing to teach their skills to others, in order to train the right people and increase production. Most saxophone makers were glad to teach music principles and playing skills to their perspective customers as a way of promoting their businesses. The saxophone industry was developing very rapidly at this time.  

@@In the 1970's, before the export business really took off, the festivity-laden October was considered the busiest season for the domestic sales. When the export sales began to pick up, some saxophone makers worked long hours every day. Even on rainy days, they even wore their straw hats and ponchos, then worked under the canvas top. Often a product was sold before it even reached the shelf. Those days were considered the golden ages for Houli's saxophone industry.


@@Nowadays, the saxophones that are made in China cost a lot less than in Taiwan, attracting the business of some importers. Several manufacturers and functions such as testing and quality assurance have made their ways to China as well. However, the quality of the products made in China is still quite unstable, and in term of quality, they are at least three to five years behind Taiwan. It is believed that half of the orders lost to China will eventually come back.


There was a golden age of saxophone in Houli.@There was a golden age of saxophone in Houli.@There was a golden age of saxophone in Houli.@@@@@@@@@@@@

There was a golden age of saxophone in Houli.