History and Background

    In the later part of the Nineteenth Century, the Europeans started to open factories to manufacture Western musical instruments in the special foreign regions in China. The French had factories in Shanghai to manufacture saxophones and other brass instruments. Other countries also gradually transplanted their industries and cultures into China. The infusion of the American Broadway music and the Jazz music in the early Twentieth Century resulted in Shanghai becoming the center of saxophone manufacturing in Asia.  
    The first persons to make saxophones in Taiwan are a Shanghai technician named Mr. Li and several Air Force officers. They originally made trumpets in Gongshan, then later went to Taichung to make saxophones. They are considered the forefathers of saxophone industry in Taiwan. The first local person to make saxophones in Taiwan was Mr. Li's protege named Mr. Huang. He opened a factory called Beautiful Sound Musical Instruments Company. He is now known as the founder of the Beautiful Sound Party.  
    At around the same time, Mr. Chang Lien-cheng successfully assembled the first saxophone from scratch in Holi. With the financial support of Dr. Chang Ji-pan, Mr. Chang Lien-cheng partnered with welder Mr. Chang Jie-de to form the Taiwan Woodwind Instrument Company in Taichung. They are known as the founders of the Taiwan Woodwind Party, as well as the forefathers of Holi's saxophone industry.  
  When Mr. Antoine-Joseph Sax (1814-1894) invented the saxophone, he would have never thought that saxophone would become so popular in the America. By the same token, it took an accident for the saxophone to become a part of the history in Holi, opening the door for an industry that lasted for more than sixty years there.
The saxophone inventor - Mr. Antoine-Joseph Sax
The saxophone inventor - Mr. Antoine-Joseph Sax