“Chinese Petroleum Corporation” is a well-known old brand in Taiwan. In order to cooperate with the economic development of the country and supply the domestic oil demand, the corporation builds an oil refinery- Taoyuan Oil Refinery in Taoyuan Nan Kan. Planned in 1970, accomplished refining test at the end of 1976, started to refine and supply the oil demand of the northern area in April, 1977, the refinery, which take up an area more than 480 hectares, includes distillation factory, hydrogen factory, heavy oil conversion factory, sulphur factory etc.


The picture above is the 1:600 miniature of Taoyuan Oil Refinery

The picture above is the 1:600 miniature of Taoyuan Oil Refinery

Taoyuan Oil Refinery stretches over four villages and towns, includes Taoyuan, Gui-Shan, Lu-Zhu, and Lin-Kou.

The whole area of Taoyuan Oil Refinery is about 480 hectares and three sides of the refinery are surrounded by mountains.

Safety and Environmental Protection:
The corporation pays attention to industrial safety, pollution prevention and control and environmental protection and strictly controls waste gas, waste water, noise, and waste materials. At the same time, the corporation constantly researches and develops new skills, upgrades the equipment, improves operation, beautifies the environment, and does better in pollution prevention and control.Besides sincerely praise, we hope to “glorify” the achievements of this old enterprise.

Economy propellant:
The Chinese Petroleum Corporation has driven the economic development of Taiwan, achieved the mission of oil supply, and driven the development in relevant industry as petrochemical industry, etc. We are proud of CPC’s contribution to Taiwan CPC adheres to spirit of "Supreme Quality, Superb Service and Selfness Contribution”. The effort is obvious to all and worth publicity.



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