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Public relation department - Mr. Li Shi-Rong

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Mr. Li Shi-Rong in pblic relation department

Section chief of public relation department
How long have you been in this job?
  • I have devoted myself to this job for twenty-six years.since 1980.

How many hours do you work for on ordinary days?
  • It is normally 8 hours. All workers are divided into four groups and each group is responsible for eight hours.
The working experience?
  • I served as the engineer from 1980 to 1982, and got promoted to a factory director in 1983. Then I transferred to manufacture management department in 1990, and transferred again to public relation department in 2005.

How did you step into this job?

  • I learned the recruiting news of the Taoyuan Oil Refinery through the newspaper in1980. Then I joined and passed the exam.

What is your ordinary work?

  • We are responsible for employees’ welfare, communication to nearby residents, holding activities of the refinery or nearby residents, and so on.

What kind of the activity you hold?

  • We have monthly one-day trip and aperiodic garden party. When it comes to festivals, we will hold Chinese New Year’s gathering and the lantern riddle activity. For the nearby residents, we will hold one-day trip, garden party, and barbecue. And most nearby residents are willing to join such activities.
How to notify the activity?
  • We will send invitations to the residents. For our own activities, we will post the notice on the internet or the bulletin board.
The difficulties you met in this job?
  • The residents care more about the air quality and noise problems. They also worry about the danger the refinery may cause. Therefore, some of them want the refinery to be moved.
Will you consider residents' opinion?
  • Certainly we will, but it is difficult to move the refinery.
Can we visit the oil refining process?
  • This is more difficult, because you need some application procedures before you visit. Moreover, few workers have been to the place where crude oil is refined except the workers who are concerned in oil refining process.

  • I have never expected that the public relation department is responsible for so many things. Maybe the most difficult thing is the communication to the residents. Because all people care about the safety, more or less residents want the refinery to be moved. This demand must be very difficult for the public relation department to deal with.

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