Questionnaire Analysis
Time: January 8, 2006
Place: Taoyuan Oil Refinery nearby area(NanKanVillage, Chun Ri Road, and Bian Zhou li)

Questionnaire: The quantity of the questionnaire is 76. Effective questionnaire is 73, secret blank questionnaire.

Visiting targets: Residents near Taoyuan Oil Refinery.

Visiting way: Visiting in the community and the street.

Purpose: In order to probe into the interaction between the refinery and the residents nearby, we design the questionnaire to analyze the degree of resident's knowledge of the refinery, the interaction and resident's expectation.

 Basic information

 The knowledge of Taoyuan Oil Refinery  Interaction


Residents visited this time are 50% for each gender.



The people of age over 18.


Q3: Residence Area

88% of people live in the area near the Taoyuan Oil Refinery.


 Q4:How long have the residents lived here?

71% of the people live for more than 4 years. 49% among them is more than 10 years.


Q5:Education Degree

The education degree of 46% residents is high school / vocational high school.




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