Local Leaders 

Name of the Team

Cloth-horse Champion

Project Name

Everlasting Champion--Master Lin Rong-chun of Cloth-horse Formation

Project Descriptions

In the past temple fairs and festivals, we could often see people in large red robes and Champion hat carrying cloth-horse made of bamboo shelf and cloth to interpret the embarrassment of Champion returning homes on horses to attract audience. At the moment, in addition to Yunlin, Cloth-horse Formation performance is also available in Ilan. Master Lin Rong-chun we are going to introduce is one of the few Cloth-horse Formation artists in Ilan. At 78, besides traditional Cloth-horse Formation performances, he kept bringing breakthroughs and innovation. In addition to making bamboo horses into cloth horses, he added color boats and shells as contrast. He merged the local Taiwanese Opera postures and music into his performances and created his unique style. In 1992, after winning Xin Chuan Award, he was more dedicated in teaching in the hope to pass down the traditional art of Cloth-horse Formation and preserve this disappearing art.

Descriptions of the Place

Cloth-horse Formation Color Boat Company of Master Lin Rong-chun is in Yuanshan Town, Ilan County. Yuanshan Town is also called the Original Town of Taiwanese Opera. From the researches, during the Japanese occupation, Ou Lai-zhu from Yuanshan taught people singing local songs under the 1,000-year old aubergine tree in Toufen Village, Yuanshan. Later, these local songs turned into the Taiwanese Opera. Influenced by it since early childhood, Master L in Rong-chun not only studied local songs but also applied their music and actions into Cloth-horse Formation. In the Web Fair last year, we once conducted an investigation on local songs. This time, we focus on Mr. Lin Rong-chun’s Cloth-horse Formation. Besides the particular warmth, we also understood the disappearance and difficulty of maintaining the traditional craft. As a result, in addition to recording such disappearing local culture via web pages, it is also our hope to emphasize and support these traditional crafts.

Introduction of the School

Li Ming Elementary School is located in the east suburb of Ilan City. The place used to an agricultural community with scattered bamboo gardens and people. With booming of industries, people gradually moved eastwardly. The narrow farm roads were expanded into wide avenues. National residence, buildings and apartments mushroomed like bamboo shoots after spring rain. The external roads and high way connection roads adjacent to Ilan City became the most development potential new community in Ilan City. The school, with prompt changes of the community, has now 48 classes. In the good school atmosphere, Li Ming Elementary School boasts good behaviors from top to bottom, smooth operation and full of warmth and love. In the recent years, in addition to continuous excellent performances at Chinese Language Competitions and physical activities, the school is further actively dedicated to combination of community and school courses, development of boy scout activities, and Cyberfair activities in the hope to enhance teaches’ professional capability and students learning ability with the introduction of feature courses.
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Lu Jun-liang

This is his third time to participate in the Cyberfair Competition. Each time of participation brings him precious experiences. This year, we focus on Master Lin Rong-chun of Cloth-horse Formation. Besides having contact with spirit of Cloth-horse Formation, we indirectly had contact with people who care about the native land. We hope that our webpages will arouse people’s attention on the traditional art and take good care of the disappearing art.

Lin Yu-hao

We are very pleased to have this opportunity to participate in the Cyberfair.  The hard work of the procedures is worthwhile.  The result is fruitful and my ability of making webpage increases a lot from nothing.  I will do my best to completely present the materials everyone gathered and the results after hard work.

Wang Shu-jing

This year, the Cyberfair starts like a raging fire. Mr Lu, with his enthusiasm for the Cyberfair, would start devotion again. He invited me to join the team and I was quite afraid if I could be competent. However, I was unable to resist the passion of Mr Lu and joined the team of Everlasting Champion--Master Lin Rong-chun of the Traditional Art.

I learnt a lot after participation in the team. Besides the broadened views, I leant from Mr Lu on how to lead students and had a further idea on the entire context of Cloth-horse Formation. Yet, due to prompt development in the society, we are seeing the disappearance of traditional art. To preserve the traditional art, with the promotion of Cyberfair, we can find a place for the traditional art. It will also be the basis of future development. The Cyberfair is rich and diverse. With this precious experience, I will again join the activity if possible in the future.

Introduction of Members

Lin Rou-jun

It is a brand new experience to take part in the Cyberfair, as I was never aware of this activity. I was delighted to accept teacher’s invitation. As I was not aware, I took part in each activity. Teachers took us to many places and tried many things fun with us. I also learnt how to interview other people and what to notice. I realized that I needed to try more activities and understand things around me.

Lin Ai-ling

I learnt many things from Cyberfair, like the origin of Cloth-horse Formation, grandpa carrying grandma, and cloth-horse was paper and bamboo horse before. I came to know many good friends and partners and I hope to have a good result this year.

Huang Zi-rong

It is cool to join Cyberfair and I learnt many things there. I need to be polite and respectful when interviewing people. Teamwork requires respect and toleration. Therefore, I need to participate in meaningful activities to enhance my knowledge and enrich myself.

Chen Yi-shao

I acquired a lot of knowledge from the Cyberfair and increased my guts. Therefore, I am very pleased to take part in the Cyberfair.

Kang Xin-yuan

I believe taking part in the Cyberfair is a kind of learning where I not only obtained knowledge not available at textbooks but also had life experiences. For example, when interviewing people, I can learn how to ask and answer questions as well as how to get along with people. This is also my first time of having such an activity and I feel great as well as quite painstaking. Yet, you have gains after hardworking. I cherish this opportunity and would say thanks to teachers’ instruction and encouragement.

Zhang Zhu-yu

We often need to have interviews for the Cyberfair. Although painstaking, we had sense of achievement in the progress and I would like to get to know better. I also had much fun.

Zhang Guang-ting

I was quite nervous when I decided to join the Cyberfair. Yet, once I get used to it, I realized that it was not merely fun but also fruitful. I recalled that I was too excited to sleep the night before interviewing Master Lin Rong-chun. I came to know him after this interview and had some ideas on Cloth-horse Formation, which is fancy and attractive folk craft.