16 September 2005

Completing registration information  
Our target this time is Master Lin Rong-chun and we had already gathered some information in advance. A better performance is expected this time and everyone has to work harder.

17 September 2005

Searching materials at the library  
To better understanding Cloth-horse Formation and Master Lin Rong-chun, we first searched materials at the library. Materials on Cloth-horse Formation and Master Lin Rong-chun at the library are not much and some are repetitive. Fortunately, there was a videotape of Master Lin Rong-chun¡¦s performance, which is better than nothing.

20 September 2005

Recruitment of team members
 We downloaded the investigation materials and posted them on the bulletin board at the classroom so that everyone could have an idea on the regulations of the investigation to attract participants. We only had a car and only five members could be accepted. Five students confirmed to join and obtained their parents¡¦ consent. Also, Ms Wang also agreed to join us and we hoped we could win this time.

4 October 2005

Having contact with Master Lin Rong-chun
This is our first time to have contact with Master Lin Rong-chun via phone today. He was very generous to accept our invitation to interview him. From our phone conversation, we learnt that he still taught Cloth-horse Formation at three schools including National Ilan Special Education School. We made the appointment to visit him when he would be teaching at National Ilan Special Education School on Friday.

5 October 2005

Issuing the first Visit Notice
To start gathering materials as early as possible, we planned to have a visit this Saturday afternoon. To make parents aware of the visit procedures of each participant and insurance, we designed the Visit Notice to the parents.

6 October 2005

What we learnt
 It is the first day today to participate in the Cyberfair and we do not have an idea on what it is until now. We feel both happy and nervous and expect your encouragement and wishes. Work hard, every team member!

6 October 2005

First meeting
 In our first meeting today, in addition to introduction of the Cyberfair, the most important thing is to make everyone write down what is learnt. The day after tomorrow, we will visit the award-wining works at Ilan Information Fair. We expect to have a good performance at the Cyberfair.

7 October 2005

Ilan Information Fair
Our school also participated in the five-day Ilan Information Fair with the experience of two-time award winning at the Cyberfair. Teachers had public leaves to help explain for the crew. In the afternoon, the Principal and teachers of Er Cheng Elementary School discussed with us on the participation in the Cyberfair. Although not many people were at the Fair, we felt very delighted to exhibit at the Fair.

7 October 2005

Taking pictures at National Ilan Special Education School 
To understand something about Master Lin Rong-chun¡¦s teaching of Cloth-horse Formation, a teacher had to take pictures at National Ilan Special Education School. He taught students very seriously and students practiced hard with sounds of gongs and drums. About fifty pictures were taken. However, a small oversight of the teacher¡Xformatting the memory disk-everything done in the morning was in vain¡K

8 October 2005

First visit
 This is our fist visit today. Yi-shao was unable to come and the weather is not fine. Yet, we still paid attention in visiting. We first went to the Drama Reading Room at the Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Ilan County where teachers taught us how to search materials. We located the books by numbers and saw a videotape of Cloth-horse Formation. We did not realize until now that Cloth-horse Formation is a fake horse made of paper with a person riding on it.

8 October 2005

Visits to Drama Museum and Information Fair
Thanks to the accompaniment of Ai-ling¡¦s parents in the entire progress in the first visit. They also drove the team members. The main purpose of this visit is to learn how to search materials at the Reading Room of the Drama Museum and watch a videotape to understand Cloth-horse Formation. We learnt how to draw on the drawing plate of the computer. The result is not that good but we learnt another new skill, which can be applied on the webpage design.

11 October 2005

Making appointment with Master Lin Rong-chun
 We forgot the time of the most important interview during the three-day holidays! We were forced to postpone the interview a week later. Discussing with Master Lin Rong-chun, we planned four interviews. We needed to apply for public leaves and insurance for each interview. It was indeed painstaking. As the most toilsome interview was approaching, we really worried that students conducting the first interview would fail¡K.

13 October 2005

Second experience sharing (drafting the interview)

We were to practice the interview at the Special Education Center and Zhu An Elementary School tomorrow. We spent some time having members draft the interview and practice the interview skills. We designed two sets of interview drafts¡Xone for teachers and the other for students. Leader Chen Wen-zhong of the Information Division opened a file at the school server so that we could store the files there. We would say thanks to him.

13 October 2005

Interview draft for teachers 
1. How long has your Cloth-horse Formation been established?
2. Why was the Cloth-horse Formation established?
3. How did you contact Master Lin Rong-chun to teach? Why him?
4. How many hours does he teach a week? Sufficient?
5. What do you think of the teaching contents of Master Lin Rong-chun?
6. What do you think of his teaching philosophy? Why?
7. Do students encounter any difficulties during learning?
8. Do you actual experience of going abroad?
9. Are there any unforgettable interesting things or stories learning from Master Lin Rong-chun?
10. Is there any help of practice of Cloth-horse Formation on students?
11. What are the qualities for students that make them more suitable to learn Cloth-horse Formation?
12. What are your suggestions on students who want to learn Cloth-horse Formation?
13. What are the bottlenecks that you think need to be broken in Cloth-horse Formation promotion?

13 October 2005

Interview draft for students
1. How long have you learnt Cloth-horse Formation under Master Lin Rong-chun?
2. What is your role?
3. Why did you want to learn under Master Lin Rong-chun?
4. What have you learnt?
5. Have you encountered any difficulties during the learning?
5. What kind of person do you think Master Lin Rong-chun is?
7. Are there any unforgettable interesting things or stories learning from Master Lin Rong-chun?
8. Will you still continue learning Cloth-horse Formation? Why?

13 October 2005

Submitting public leave and insurance application
Teachers and students bought insurance for the coming visit of days. Teachers¡¦ public leave were signed by the Principal, who supported our interviews and encourage us. Oh, our public leave application was completed by Dean Lin Qin-huei of Academic Affairs. We are very grateful to him.

14 October 2005

Visit to National Ilan Special Education School
 Master Lin Rong-chun teaches Cloth-horse Formation on the morning of each Friday at National Ilan Special Education School. In addition of making records of his teaching, we also participated in Cloth-horse Formation. Merely one practice already made students tired. Cloth-horse Formation is a good exercise. We also interviewed Dean Huang Zhi-qin and teacher Wang Mei-zhen and would say thanks to them.

14 October 2005

Visit at Zhu An Elementary School

After the interview at National Ilan Special Education School in the morning, we hurried to Zhu An Elementary School near Touchen. We interviewed Principal Chen Min-jun and Dean Chen Guang-ming and took pictures with students after interviewing them. Students worked hard with beautiful postures. They must have practiced for a long time. The sound of gong and drums was really too loud and we had to stuff our ears with toilet paper. We hoped that this was not impolite.

15 October 2005

Interview draft for Master Lin Rong-chun
We will interview Master Lin Rong-chun tomorrow at his home and prepared the following interview draft in the hope to obtained many materials.
1. At what age did you start learning Cloth-horse Formation?
2. Who is your instructor?
3. Have you encountered any difficulties?
4. We heard that it had been a while that you stopped performance. May we know whey?
5. Why did you start performing Cloth-horse Formation again?
6. When did you start teaching students? Why would you like to teach them?
7. How long will it take for common elementary school students to be able to perform Cloth-horse Formation? Are there many performance opportunities?
8. Have you encountered any difficulties while teaching students?
9. How did you improve the traditional Cloth-horse Formation? What are the innovative methods?
10. What do you think you differ from the Cloth-horse Formation in Yunlin? What are the differences?
11. Any taboos for Cloth-horse Formation performance?
12. How many performances do you have a year now? Any difference from the past years?
13. How long is your each performance? Does the duration affect the expenses to perform abroad?
14. Performances of Cloth-horse Formation are for funeral arrangements and weddings. What are the differences?
15. Other than Cloth-horse Formation, what other performances are you good at? How did you learn them?
16. What do you think elementary school student can do with Cloth-horse Formation?
17. Besides elementary school students, are there any young people who would like to learn Cloth-horse Formation from you? Do you see any fault?
18. Have you encountered any difficulties in promoting Cloth-horse Formation?
19. How will you promote Cloth-horse Formation in the future?

16 October 2005

Interviewing Master Lin Rong-chun in Yuanshan
 Upon arrival in Yuanshan, Master Lin Rong-chun was already waiting for us at the gate with Cloth-horse and formation equipment available, such as stage property of grandpa carrying grandma and umbrellas, etc. After interviewing Master Lin Rong-chun, he and his students demonstrated us the Cloth-horse Formation and gave us many postures to take pictures. Later, Master Lin Rong-chun lent close to 200 pictures with some already as old as 20 years. We are very grateful for him and his students, sacrificing an afternoon accepting our interview.

18 October 2005

Interview at Da Hu Elementary School
 Da Hu Elementary School is the last stop of our interviews. We were quite relaxed. We first visited the Cloth-horse Formation of Da Hu Elementary School and conducted interviews. All of the Cloth-horse Formation Association members are boys, as there is no color boat, according to a teacher¡¦s explanation. Two of the members¡¦ brothers once learnt Cloth-horse Formation and they joined as a result. We also took pictures of Da Hu as the background of our webpage and we believe its beauty would help us win the award.

20 October 2005

Routine meeting on Thursday
 Our job today is to practice nemo webpage making. Our teacher had taught us basic webpage making. Today, we were to understand the basic structure and application of webpage.

20 October 2005

Thanks to Mr Chen Wen-zhong for lending us the scanner
We would say thanks to Mr Chen Wen-zhong for lending us the scanner, which helped us transform the pictures Master Lin Rong-chun lent us into digital files. Let¡¦s clap hands for him.

20 October 2005

Zhong-xuan stepped out of the team.
On the way to interview Master Lin Rong-chun, Zhong-xuan was smashed a rock and was forced to step out of our team. We hope he would be recovered soon.

21 October 2005

Mid-term examination was approaching. Everyone, work hard!
Mid-term examination was approaching and we had to stop our regular meetings and other work for two weeks. Everyone had to work hard!

22 October 2005

Scheduling the webpage work
This is our detailed schedule for the webpage making:
¡uEverlasting Champion¡Ð¡Ð Legends of Master Lin Rong-chun¡vProgram
10 to 15 September¡Xrecruitment of team members
15 to 20 September¡Xdiscussions on research theme and name of the team
20 September: entry of participation information
21 to 30 September¡Xtask allocation and collection of written information
1 to 7 October
Contacting Master Lin Rong-chun and issuing the first Interview Notice
8 October¡Xvisiting Drama Museum and Ilan County Information Fair
9 to 12 October¡Xdiscussions after visits and practice of interview skills
12 October¡Xapplication for public leaves and insurance
13 October¡Xcomposition of work plan
13 October¡Xdiscussions on teacher and student interview drafts
14 October¡Xvisiting Cloth-horse Formation Associations of National Ilan Special Education School and Zhu An Elementary School
15 October¡Xdiscussion on interview drafts with Master Lin Rong-chun
16 October¡Xinterviewing Master Lin Rong-chun in Yuanshan
18 October¡Xvisiting Cloth-horse Formation Association of Da Hu Elementary School
18 to 26 October¡Xarranging sound recording files and pictures
27 October¡Xarranging written information and word-by-word interview drafts
28 October¡Xfollowing up articles
29 to 31 October¡Xplanning webpage structure
1 to 9 November¡Xcomposition of webpage
12 November to 20 February¡Xmaking webpage
21 February and on¡Xtesting the webpage and revising
27 February (by 12 o¡¦clock)¡Xfinal revision and uploading of webpage

23 October 2005

Teacher Shu-jing taking over the Cyberfair
Teacher Shu-jing was about to take over the contact person of signing up and other matters of the Cyberfair. Once the English materials for signing up are completed, we can upload the information to complete the procedures. We heard that there was no subsidy for English translation from Bureau of Education, Ilan County this year. We did not know whether it was true. However, we hope we can participate in the international competition successfully without so many frustrations.

24 October 2005

Thanks to the English teacher for translating the materials

To obtain the qualification to participate in the international Cyberfair, teacher Jun-liang hurried the webpage descriptions and domestic descriptions to have English teacher translate them into English. Teachers Zeng Chu-yun and Xie Heui-ying were generous to accept the job. The technical terms were difficult to translate in Cloth-horse Formation and they had their own classes. We were really grateful for their generous assistance.

25 October 2005

Scanning pictures
 We finally connected the scanner to the computer and downloaded the driver. We first categorized the pictures Master Lin Rong-chun lent us and scanned all of them. We found that the effect was not good and pictures were more blurred than the original ones. We had to make touches with Photoimpact the other day.

26 October 2005

Contacting teacher Zhuang Zheng-yu to design webpage
As teacher Zhong-xuan stepped out, we decided to teacher Zheng-yu who also participated in the 2004 Cyberfair to help us made basic webpage and prepare some special effects for our webpage. He was in the military service and we tried several phone calls but still were unable to reach him. We really hoped that he could come to help us.

26 October 2005

Future research program
Our interview has come to a stop. However, we still thought our introduction of Master Lin Rong-chun and promotion too limited. Some of our schoolteachers were still not aware of what Cloth-horse Formation was. After the mid-term examination, we would like to see support from the Dean and the Principal to borrow stage property from Master Lin Rong-chun to display at school. We would also be more specific on our research program and make people understand Cloth-horse Formation. Also, we planned to write to Education Bureau, Ilan County to ask about preservation program of native crafts and to scholars who studied Cloth-horse Formation to request them to offer us relevant research information.

26 October 2005

Submitting articles to the school magazine¡Ð¡Ð participation in Town All investigation
 The school magazine started collecting articles at the beginning of November. Ai-ling wrote an article on participation in Town All investigation in the hope to attract more attention.

30 October 2005

Making top marks
 In the two-day holidays, we made the top marks of our webpage. As we rarely used the software, it was particularly painstaking to do it. Working hard for the entire afternoon, we had a work not quite satisfactory. We needed to keep working hard.

1 November 2005

Requesting teacher Jing-yin to help submit the article to the school magazine

 In the early morning, we hurried to teacher Jing-yin, responsible for articles submitted to the school magazine, as the deadline was today. Teacher Jun-liang was too busy to remember. Fortunately, Teacher Jun-liang still accepted the article. We would say thanks to her particularly so that Cloth-horse Formation could be known to more people. Dean Lee Tian-fu of Assistance took a picture for us. Thanks.

1 November 2005

Our cheers to the Nine-people Squad of Ren Ai Elementary School in Taipei City
Cloth-horse Formation Champion encouraging you!¡K
Reading the discussions on your team and journals, we found that you are really tentative. I may not entire agree with your research methods but I would still salute to your innovation. My personal suggestions¡Xin addition to the running hours and dishes of stores at 101 Building, you could present issues and other characteristics of the Building such as the responsive methods in case of earthquakes and fires and the falling of crane last time as well as the plane route. Two years ago, I led the performance group from Brazil at Ilan Folkgame Festival to visit 101 Building. They took pictures, had a look at the lobby and stopped, as they were unable to buy anything. If your viewers are students or families who are unable to afford expenses at the Building, it would be difficult to win feedback, not to mention the criticism of the webpage at the initial selection. So, work hard, folks! You can win honor for the country.

1 November 2005

Consolations to teacher Zhi-xuan
Teacher Zhi-xuan had few stitches on his mouth being hit by a rock on the way to interview with Master Lin Rong-chun. He finally came back to work today after a few days off. We gathered to visit him to express our consolation and apology to him. Unfortunately, he went to a study camp and we decided to visit him on Friday. Thanks to Dean Lin Qing-huei for handling insurance matters and reminding us to pay attention to safety as well as concern from the Principal and the Dean to teacher Zhi-xuan.

1 November 2005

Thanks to the response from Lulu from the Nine-people Squad
Considering that students were young, we tried to simplify and quantify the learning. The interview questionnaire was not too complicated so that it can be completed more easily.We will, however, still have a small study camp to enhance the contents.

1 November 2005

Uploading our thoughts
 It has been a while since our interviews. We did not upload our thoughts until today in a rush. As the mid-term examination is approaching, to complete the journal, everyone worked hard to finish the expect work. Looking at the serious expressions of Zi-rong, Rou-jun and Ai-ling in front of the computers, we knew that they were actually goofing.

5 November 2005

Search materials on the Internet
We spent some time searching information on the Cloth-horse Formation and Master Lin Rong-chun. Many materials were available, but most of them were repetitive. Some records had nothing to do with our project. We had to spend a lot of time sorting. We located materials of almost 70 pages and hoped they are of use to us.

5 November 2005

Congratulations on the finding of important materials
We found two reports on Master Lin Rong-chun by Graduate Institute of Art, Fo Guang College of Humanities and Social Sciences. One of them is Discussion on Performances by Master Lin Rong-chun, the Artist in Ilan. The author is Wu Xi-chuan, who is a parent of the student participating in the Cyberfair last year. After contacting him, he agreed to let us use his research and offered some important pictures. The fortune was in front of us while we were worrying that we were unable to find text materials on Master Lin Rong-chun. We were so overjoyed.

6 November 2005

Returning pictures
We had scanned pictures lent by Master Lin Rong-chun but did not return to him until, as we could not spare time. He was in Taipei City in the daytime and we could only return the pictures to him in the night. Teacher Lu bought some small gifts to him as our gratitude for his interviews and assistance. Master Lin Rong-chun said that he would be busy lately, as he had to teach students in many schools for the coming athletic meets. We also asked for his idea on lending us the Cloth-horse Formation and umbrellas to be displayed at the school. Master Lin Rong-chun agreed and, after approval by the Principal, we would settle the time to borrow.

7 November 2005

Discussing with the Dean of Academic Affairs on the exhibition
To make more people understand the Cloth-horse Formation, we decided to ask the school to provide us with space of exhibition to display our posters and Master Lin Rong-chun¡¦s Cloth-horse Formation to attract more students to have a look. Dean Lin Qin-huei supported our proposal and reminded us something to pay attention to such as the security line, etc. We expected to have the display at the corridor of the teacher¡¦s office and hope many people would visit.

8 November 2005

Class 506 theme study began!
The mid-term examination was over. There were still many students who were unaware of what Cloth-horse Formation was. Therefore, in the flexible course, teacher Lu conducted the theme study on Cloth-horse Formation to enhance everyone¡¦s capability of reports and understanding of Cloth-horse Formation. The 34 people of the entire class were divided into six groups for discussions and tasks, which include gathering materials, making posters and presentations at class. The peer grading was made at the end. The first two groups still had prizes. Also, all posters made will be displayed to show to more people.

14 November 2005

Discussions on class project report
Date: 7 to 18 November
Participants: the entire class 506 of 34 people
After group division, we discussed on how to gather information and task allocation. Looking at our seriousness, you knew that we were concentrating on this report. However, up to now, we still did not know what Cloth-horse Formation was and some classmates asked why the main role at the Cloth-horse Formation is Champion.

14 November 2005

Discussions on class project report
Date: 7 to 18 November
Participants: the entire class 506 of 33 people
After gathering materials, the most important thing was to arrange the materials into posters for reports. Our teacher prepared a standard-sized sheet of poster for each group. As it was too large, we had to lie prone on the ground to draw. Looking at the various colors we drew on the posters, you can see that we were fully prepared. Groups winning the first and second place will have prizes. We have to work hard!

15 November 2005

Thanks for the encouragement from Yi Jiao Tu team in Ilan
Messages from Yi Jiao Tu team in Ilan:
Your theme is good and, like ours, in the hope to maintain disappearing things.
The only difference is that we are trying to preserve old buildings while you are aiming to maintain traditional art. Visit our website sometime and we look forward to your comments. Thanks.

Further to what A Ruei said:
As we have such rich humanistic art, shouldn¡¦t we cherish?
Let¡¦s work hard together and visit our website someday.
Wishing you have a great number of viewers¡s¡s
¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@from ¡òDai Dai¢é¡\ Guo Zi Feng¡ò

Our friendly responses:
Hi Yi Jiao Tu team in Ilan,
Thanks for your encouragement. There are few participants from Ilan this year in the Cyberfair. It is our pleasure that we depend on each other. We hope we both can win and head to the international competition.
At the first participation in the Cyberfair, we introduced Lan Chen Xin Yue through Nan Men Lin Yuan. If needed, your citation is welcomed. The URL is
Also, your theme suits the international Cyberfair this year. Sign up as soon as possible.
Wishing everything successful
Teacher Jun-liang, Li Ming Elementary School

16 November 2005

Awarding of the class project discussions
After preparation of reports on Cloth-horse Formation for over a week, the presentation was completed in over an hour. In addition to appreciating other groups¡¦ report, the most important thing was to give scores. Teacher Lu had peer grading and had us grade each group. The result is that the third group won the first place and the second group won the second place; both of them had a small gift each from teacher Lu. Although the gift was merely chocolate cookie, winners were still very happy.

16 November 2005

Welcome teacher Yu-hao into our team
Teacher was interested in webpage design. After invitation by teacher Lu, he decided to join us to help webpage structure. His works include the class website of 507, which is very beautiful. Welcome!

22 November 2005

Class 506 interview draft on Cloth-horse Formation
After the project report of class 506, we could not spare time interviewing classmates. We spent some time discussing the following interview draft in the hope to understand comments of the classmates on this project report. Teacher Jun-liang prepared many Pokemon magnets to the respondents.
Our interview draft is:
1. Have you heard of Cloth-horse Formation before? What is your impression?
2. Have you seen Cloth-horse Formation performance? When?
3. What have you learnt from this project report?
4. What is your feeling after making the project report?
5. Please tell us what you understand about the Cloth-horse Formation from this report?
6. Are you interested in learning more about the Cloth-horse Formation after the report?

25 November 2005

We would say thanks to the English teacher helping us in translation
Theme description and place description
Team : Cloth-horse Champion
Topic : Everlasting Champion ¡Ð¡Ð Lin Rong-Chuen ¡Ð¡ÐMaster of the traditional art of Cloth-horse Formation

Specific descriptions :
In the past temple fair, we could often see performers of Cloth-horse Formation, wearing big red gowns and government hats, carrying a cloth-horse on back made of bamboo sticks and cloth as a horse, interpreting the embarrassment of the ¡§champion¡¨ who got the highest score and honor of the national exam riding on a horse back to his hometown in a humorous and funny way to attract the audience. So far, besides Yun Lin, Yi-lan also has the performances of Cloth-horse Formation. Mr. Lin Rong-Chuen is one of the few masters of Cloth-horse Formation in Yi-lan that we are going to introduce to you. Up to 78 years old, besides ordinary Cloth-horse Formation performances, he continuously breaks through and innovates in this field. Not only improving bamboo horses into cloth horses, he also adds colorful boats and bivalves to serve as props, trying to put the postures and music of the Local Taiwan Opera into his performance to have his own style. After awarded the national Shin-Chuan prize in 1992 (Shin-Chuan means passing from master to pupils in endless session), he threw himself even harder into teaching, expecting to pass on the traditional art of Cloth-horse Formation to the world, also remaining the craft that is gradually extinct.

28 November 2005

Interviewing classmates
It¡¦s been a long time since we made our last interview. We were very excited upon learning that we were going to have interviews and rushed to the teacher¡¦s classroom to see when we could have interviews and who the interviewee was. We were frightened to learn that the interviewees were our classmates and asked why. The teacher replied that it was because they made posters on the Cloth-horse Formation.
Our feelings after the interviews:
From the first interview, I realized that many classmates did not know about what the Cloth-horse Formation was from this report. The Cloth-horse Formation was called Lord Formation and the horse rider is the champion in big red robe and the horse puller is a clown, the soul of the entire formation performance. With dexterous postures and funny expressions as well as exaggerated actions, he expresses the effects and happiness of the drams. Accompaniment instruments include gongs, drums, cymbals and suanoa horns. Besides temple fairs, the Cloth-horse Formation is often performed at festivals door by door, symbolizing the passing of the imperial examinations, auspiciousness and good luck.

7 December 2005

Making posters for school exhibition
We copied some written materials in advance for the exhibition next Thursday. On the afternoon of Wednesday, we cut the materials and pasted on the writing paper as the poster for the exhibition. Although the materials were very comprehensive, they were still posted on the four standard-sized sheets. With the reports of the class, the contents would be impressive! Spending a lot of time making posters, we felt very delighted when we thought that the posters would be displayed to the students of the entire school.

19 December 2005

Arranging poster pictures
For the coming exhibition on Thursday, we categorized the pictures taken earlier and had them developed with the NT$500 from the school to be posted on the posters. It is our hope that, while appreciating our beautiful pictures, everyone can have better ideas on the Cloth-horse Formation.

19 December 2005

Designing the questionnaire
We hoped to have some feedback after everyone takes a look at our posters and designed a questionnaire along small gifts (Pokemon magnets!) to the respondents.
Questions are:
¡uEverlasting Champion¡Ð¡ÐMaster Lin Rong-chun¡vQuestionnaire
¡¼ Student¡@Year: ¡¼ Teacher¡@Course taught:
1. Have you seen the Cloth-horse Formation performance? ¡¼ Yes ¡¼ No (Skip to Q. 5.)
2. Where did you see the performance? ¡¼ Temple fair ¡¼ parade ¡¼ art activities ¡¼ others:
3. Do you know the origin of the Cloth-horse Formation? ¡¼Yes ¡¼ No
4. What is your impression on the Cloth-horse Formation?
5. Have you read introduction of the Cloth-horse Formation on books or other media? ¡¼Yes ¡¼ No
6. Do you know in which schools is the Cloth-horse Formation taught? ¡¼ No ¡¼ Yes, it is taught at .
7. Would you see the Cloth-horse Formation performance, if any? ¡¼ Yes ¡¼ No, why:
8. Are you aware of associations exclusively for the Cloth-horse Formation? ¡¼ Yes ¡¼¤£ No
9. Does the poster exhibition we prepared today help you understand the Cloth-horse Formation? ¡¼ Yes ¡¼ No
10. After our introduction, would you like to know more about the Cloth-horse Formation and Master Lin Rong-chun?¡¼ Yes ¡¼ No

21 December 2005

Exhibition at the school
We posted the posters in front of the school office today and we would make introduction there, too. We would also borrow the Cloth-horse Formation from Master Lin Rong-chun for display. Also, we invited the Principal to make publicity. Thanks to him.

21 December 2005

Starting to arrange word-by-word draft
Although the school exhibition was going to start, to not to affect our final examination and the mood to enjoy winter vacation, we determined to complete the most troublesome word-by-word interview draft. Our teacher required us to accomplish this tough assignment by next Thursday and we also had to write the feeling of taking part in the competition. This is a headache!
Job allocation of the word-by-word draft:
File name Running time student in charge
Students at Da Hu 15¡¦15¡¨ Chen Yi-shao
Students at Zhu An 3¡¦13¡¨ Zhang Zu-yu
Teachers at Zhu An 8¡¦16¡¨ Kang Xin-yuan
Students at the Special Education School 14¡¦1¡¨ Zhang Guang-ting
Teachers at the Special Education School 13¡¦41¡¨ Lin Ai-ling
Interview with Master Lin Rong-chun 59¡¦ 25¡¨ Lin Rou-jun

1. Use the files Interview Draft of Teachers and Students and Interview with Master Lin Rong-chun on the CD-ROM to make the draft.
2. Make the word-by-word draft as complete as possible. If the sentences are too long, listen to them first and then generalize the meaning.

3. Please save the word-by-word draft in a Word file and upload to the Cyberfair Journal.4. Please upload the draft no later than next Thursday (29 December).
5. Don¡¦t forget to upload the feelings of taking part in the Cyberfair.

21 December 2005

Article of Ai-ling published on the school magazine
The article submitted by Ai-ling was published at the school magazine, Little Sun. We hope our powerful publicity will make more students and teachers aware of our efforts and enable more people to know the Cloth-horse Formation.

21 December 2005

Discussing with Dean Lin Qin-huei on exhibition
We paid a visit to Dean Lin Qin-huei of Academic Affairs after class and hoped that he could give us some precious comments. He spared some time discussing with us on what to notice and we acknowledge him for his assistance.

29 December 2005

Report on school exhibition
In the morning of Thursday, some students visited the exhibition. We took the opportunity to introduce the Cloth-horse Formation to them and asked them to respond to our questionnaire. At the teachers¡¦ conference on the morning of Friday, Dean of Academic Affairs particularly introduced our exhibition on the Cloth-horse Formation and Master Lin Rong-chun. The atmosphere was not as good as we had expected, but we had provided students and teachers who had never seen the Cloth-horse Formation another opportunity to understand the traditional art.

29 December 2005

Making the questionnaires.....
Date: 21 to 23 December
Location: school
We prepared 100 questionnaires to conduct a survey on schoolteachers and students and both of them responded seriously. Some teachers gave us comments and messages, which pleased us. Besides waiting for teachers and students visiting the exhibition to complete the questionnaire, we toured the entire school to visit many teachers. After our courtesy and perseverance, we successfully obtained many precious materials.

29 December 2005

Making statistics of the questionnaires
Date: 27 to 28 December
Location: classroom of 506
Target: After making statistics after class in the two days, we obtained a result we expected¡Xeveryone would love very much to understand Master Lin Rong-chun. The result made more confident. After our webpage is translated into English, we hope more people would love the Cloth-horse Formation.


Completion of application for signing up at the international competition and webpage space
During holidays, teacher Shu-jing signed up the international Cyberfair and successfully completed. We also applied for the web space at the Taiwan Cyberfair. Now, we are waiting for the completion of webpage and translation before uploading. Unfortunately, we still have not whereabouts of the funding on translation by the school. We are wondering if there is anything with kind heart to support us.
Feedback from Taiwan Cyberfair...

To Cloth-horse Champion,
Congratulations on acceptance of application for web space for international competition. We will, within five days, prepare the web space of 100 MB for your team. The server will not be closed before the end of the competition assessment. Each team shall update the content from any time. Questions, please contact us directly.

3 January 2006

Deciding webpage content and titles
To enable teacher Yu-hao to design beautiful webpages, we discussed the content and titles as follows:
¡iInformation on the Research¡j
¡iOverview of the Research Program¡j
¡iElements of Research Program¡j
¡iTable of Contribution to the Research¡j
¡iAbout Us¡j
¡iExclusive URL¡j
Flash webpage
1. Introduction
2. On the Formation
3. About the Cloth-horse Formation
4. About Master Lin Rong-chun
5. Passing down of the Cloth-horse Formation
6. New Life of the Cloth-horse Formation
7. Reference Materials
8. Project Presentation
9. Site Map

16 January 2006

Great news! Master Lin Rong-chun is coming to perform!
News from teacher Jun-liang...
The Fun Year of Ilan will be held at the Traditional Art Center, Ilan. Master Lin Rong-chun will also perform on the streets. There is over a month left before the deadline of the Cyberfair. However, this is a great opportunity and we must have a good interview. By the way, we can inform partners at the Cyberfair at the Message Board to see the performance.
Location: Folkart Street, National Traditional Art Center, Ilan
Date: 29 January (Sunday, 1st of the Chinese New Year)

19 January 2006

Greetings of the Chinese New Year at the Message Board of each elementary school
We spent two days leaving greetings of the Chinese New Year at the Message Board of each elementary school and making publicity for the performance of Master Lin Rong-chun in the hope that viewers will see the performance.
Here is our greeting:
Greeting from Cloth-horse Formation Champion to you
We are Cloth-horse Formation Champion Team from Li Ming Elementary School in Ilan.
Happy Chinese New Year

Ad: Master Lin Rong-chun from our project, Everlasting Champion--Master Lin Rong-chun, happens to perform on the first day of January of the lunar calendar at National Traditional Art Center in Ilan for Champion on the Street for only two sessions. You must watch!
Location: Folkart Street, National Traditional Art Center, Ilan
Date: 29 January (Sunday, 1st of the Chinese New Year)
10:00-10:30 15:00-15:30

19 January 2006

Reply to Chinese Cabbage of Immortal Dong Dong Dong Team
Thanks for greeting of Little Pudding and Chinese Cabbage would like to return the same!
By the way, I am a member of Immortal Dong Dong Dong Team for the international Cyberfair. I saw your school. I have a big problem. The sponsor does not accept our explanation procedures. Do you have any tips? Thanks.
Response from Immortal:
Happy Chinese New Year! Best wishes! Chinese Cabbage

Our responses:
Hi, Chinese Cabbage,

We just signed up with the project description and location description into English. As a result, we do not quite understand your question. Maybe your location descriptions are not in details with the theme?
Maybe you could use location of the school, relation with the theme and interaction among Blue John, community and school. Remove the evolution of the place name and focus on the humanitarian progress of the area. This might help. We hope it is of help.
Have a look at our basic information.
Cloth-horse Champion lulu

30 January 2006

Interview at the Traditional Art Center in the Chinese New Year
After interviewing Master Lin Rong-chun, we could never find a chance to watch Cloth-horse Color Boat Company. National Traditional Art Center, Ilan invited the Company to perform on the first day of the Chinese New Year. As the Company came to the stage and performed along the street, everyone¡¦s attention was caught and would like to take a picture with Master Lin Rong-chun. We took many precious pictures, of course, although they were blurred, as it was raining. Master Lin Rong-chun still performed with an umbrella and we appreciated his attitude.

3 February 2006

Composition of text draft for the webpage
 The webpage design is now in the final stage. Much job was postponed. To meet the deadline of 28 February for the webpage in Chinese, we had to work overtime on the text draft.

6 February 2006

Contacting with the translation agency on English translation for the webpage
The deadline for the international Cyberfair is 17 March to upload the webpage. To successfully translate our webpage into English, we started more than one month ahead to contact with the translation agency for the expense and details of English translation. We hope we can successfully complete the English webpage.

14 February 2006

Starting making webpage
It is only two weeks before the deadline. We have to rush and work hard on the webpage!